Stephen Colbert Daily Show Reunion Episode Date & Guests Revealed

Stephen Colbert announces a star-studded Daily Show reunion episode of CBS' The Late Show for next week.

While he began his Hollywood career primarily as an actor and sketch comic, it's safe to say that the majority of people think of Stephen Colbert as a late night TV personality, a field he's now worked within for nearly two decades. Colbert actually holds the distinction of joining Comedy Central's The Daily Show as a correspondent before even long-running host Jon Stewart took over for original emcee Craig Kilborn back in 1999.

After nearly a decade spent making people laugh as a correspondent, Colbert made the transition to his own spinoff series The Colbert Report, a riff on conservative punditry programs like The O'Reilly Factor. A huge hit, the Report aired in tandem with Stewart's Daily Show until late 2014, when Colbert announced that he was headed to CBS to take over for the retiring David Letterman as host of The Late Show. Stewart himself exited TDS the following year, subsequently being succeeded by young South African comic Trevor Noah as host.

While Colbert's tenure on The Late Show started a bit shakily, recent months have seen him make the show his own, sharpening the edges of his political barbs nearly back to his basic cable heyday. Colbert now sits atop the late night ratings chart, regularly outstripping fellow hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. To coincide with the coming 20th anniversary of his debut in late night, Deadline reports that Colbert has announced a big Daily Show reunion episode of The Late Show, set to air next Tuesday, May 9. Confirmed guests include Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Rob Corddry, and Ed Helms.

While Stewart has mostly been laying low and enjoying life outside the public eye since his Daily Show exit, he's technically an executive producer on Colbert's Late Show, and has appeared to assist his former cable colleague in discussing the news of the day on several occasions in the last year. The other four guests have all gone on to big success since leaving TDS behind, with Bee now hosting TBS' Full Frontal, Oliver hosting Last Week Tonight for HBO, and Corddry and Helms both enjoying thriving acting careers.

That said, one wonders if the above five guests will be the extent of the reunion line-up. It wouldn't be too shocking to see Colbert pull some additional TDS-related surprises out of his back pocket, such as former "Senior Black Correspondent" and Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore, or Bee's husband -- and fellow long-tenured TDS cast member -- Jason Jones. It also might be fun if current TDS host Noah popped in to spend some quality time with those that paved the way for him. Even if none of that happens though, it's still likely to be a hilarious evening.

The Late Show's Daily Show reunion episode airs Tuesday, May 9 on CBS.

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Source: Deadline

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