Stephen Amell Says No to an Arrow Musical Episode

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow Season 1

Warning: SPOILERS Ahead for Arrow Season 5 Finale.


Stephen Amell shot down hopes for an Arrow musical episode this past weekend. The fifth season of The CW's flagship superhero series concluded last week, yet Amell is still making headlines. A few days ago, he participated in the Celebrity American Ninja Warrior Course for charity on Red Nose Day, and he crushed the challenge, even taking the time to tackle the Salmon Ladder. In total, he raised $35,000 in charitable donation for taking part in the heavily-publicized event.

When he finished up with American Ninja Warrior, Amell flew to London to attend the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, where he told audiences that he would be up to starring in a Green Arrow movie, but he would like it if his cousin, Robbie Amell (who played one-half of Firestorm on The Flash), would appear as Batman. Aside from that, one thing that has been on fans' minds is whether or not the series will ever have a musical episode.

During the Arrow panel at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest (video above), an audience member asked Amell and Emily Bett Rickards if they would ever do a musical episode. Amell said, "You know, I -- no... no... no." Then he turned to Rickards and said, "I only just found out how good of a singer you are." Even though Amell said he would never participate in a musical episode, when he asked Rickards if she would ever do it, she said, "Yeah, as long as John Barrowman was there."

John Barrowman recently took part in the musical episode on The Flash, which also crossed over with Supergirl. Long before making his way in front of the camera, Barrowman attained his singing experience by performing musicals on Broadway. Unfortunately, Barrowman -- who played Malcolm Merlyn, aka the Magician/Dark Archer, throughout the Arrowverse -- recently confirmed his exit from the series after his character sacrificed himself to save Thea and the rest of Team Arrow in the show's season 5 finale last week.

When asked if Amell and Rickards would grace the audience with a short musical performance, the actor retorted, "You're pressing your luck," but he then went on to suggest that the audience look up the duet he and Rickards performed together at San Diego Comic-Con last year. Of course, the duo will likely be returning to the convention later this summer, where they will promote the upcoming sixth season of Arrow. Given the events that transpired during the season 5 finale, there's no telling who will be on-hand next season, aside from Amell himself.

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