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DC and Marvel currently find themselves in the midst of a heated arms race, with both brands continuing to snatch up actors left and right to increase the already dense populations of their ever-expanding universes (film and/or television alike). However, what are the odds of an actor crossing the demarcation line and working for both comic book-based brands?

It's already happened, with regard to supporting cast members - for example, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje played a role in Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World and he's now playing Killer Croc in WB/DC's upcoming Suicide Squad movie. But what about a leading actor from either a Marvel or DC project like, say, Arrow headliner Stephen Amell?

During one of his usual Q&A sessions on his Facebook page, Amell declared that he would have no problem joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe if an offer ever came his way:

Sure, why not?  I'm up for roles -- movie roles -- although I've never really read Marvel Comics and I was always a DC guy even before I was a DC guy. But it's not like if I got offered an awesome Marvel superhero, I'd be like 'No, I can't.'

Despite playing a character from DC comics, and growing up with the world of DC, Amell admits that he would love to play a Marvel role if he ever found himself up for one. Marvel Studios has proven themselves far from gun shy when it comes to using their more obscure characters, so the options seem nearly endless for who Amell could portray; considering his penchant for portraying billionaire vigilantes, we won't rule out Moon Knight as a potential goldmine.

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Making the jump from DC to Marvel could prove to be a smart career move for Amell, as he currently finds himself on the back nine of his tenure as Oliver Queen. As Arrow prepares to continue its fourth season when January rolls around, Amell admits to fans that the series was designed around a five season continuity. This could be extended to a sixth or even a seventh season, but with no sign of the Arrowverse being integrated into the DC Extended Universe, we can't expect Amell to wear the emerald hood forever.

It's also worth noting that Amell's upcoming entry to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe as Casey Jones, in the sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, means that he's already joined at least one additional comic book-based property besides Arrow. Who knows; if Marvel Studios were to ever approach him, we could end up seeing the Oliver Queen actor teams up alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes, among other MCU players.

Arrow will return with ‘Blood Debts’ on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 on The CW. Check out a preview below:

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