Stephen Amell Unites With Fellow Green Arrow in New Photo

Justin Hartley as Green Arrow in Smallville

Worlds collide as Stephen Amell strikes a pose for a photo op with the original TV iteration of  Green Arrow, Justin Hartley. Fans who are new to superhero shows may associate the Emerald Archer only with Amell given his seven-season stint in The CW's Arrow, but several years ago, the title of Oliver Queen belonged to Hartley who played the role for numerous seasons in the Tom Welling-led Smallville.

Initially broadcast by The WB all the way back in 2001, Smallville was the first superhero-genre TV show to appeal to mainstream audiences before the comic book boom took place towards the end of the 2000s. It tackles the beginnings of Clark Kent's journey until the series moved to a more adult setting and started to incorporate other DC characters into the fold. This included our very first live-action adaptation of the Green Arrow played by Hartley.


Six years after Smallville wrapped up, the TV landscape is populated with superhero-centric series. One of the more popular is The CW's Arrow where Amell plays the titular character. The two actors associated with the role, albeit in different series, recently come together for a photo which Amell posted on his official Twitter account presenting it as a "deleted scene" from the recently finished  Arrowverse crossover event titled "Crisis on Earth-X." Check out the snap below.

Amell's caption of the photo refers to the annual DCTV event that unites all superheroes across Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow as some sort of small screen special. This year, Queen, alongside the good guys, went up against the villainous counterparts from Earth-X and him insinuating that his photo with Hartley is a scene from the crossover that did not make the final cut calls back to the latter's version of Green Arrow also from an alternate reality, which technically is correct.

While Amell's Oliver Queen is busy patrolling Star City's streets a Mayor, raising his son, William, and fulfilling the promises he made with his recent union with Felicity, Hartley is occupied being #1 in This Is Us as Kevin. The Smallville alum plays sitcom actor turned Broadway star turned movie star in the hit NBC series. Unfortunately, what seemed to be a charmed life at first is quickly progressing into a tragedy with Jack and Rebecca Pearson's first-born looking to following the footsteps of his otherwise perfect dad with alcohol abuse.


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