Stephen Amell Shows Off His Green Arrow Beard Progress

Stephen Amell To Grow Classic Green Arrow Goatee For Arrow Season 7

Oliver Queen will have some new facial hair in Arrow season 7 and, after star Stephen Amell's latest visual update, comic fans should be very happy. The actor previously teased that, in an effort to make his Oliver Queen look more like the source material, he'd be growing out his beard. At the time, Amell claimed he looked more like Thanos than Oliver Queen but he didn't give any visual proof.

Now the actor has unveiled his new look, at least partially. If the new photo can be believed, Arrow's Oliver will look more like his comic counterpart than ever before in season 7. This is assuming that Amell, who doesn't seem to be thrilled with his new look, doesn't shave off his hair in frustration.

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Amell gave fans a sneak peek of his Arrow season 7 look from his Twitter. Amell's face is mostly cut off in the photo, but his new and much more voluminous beard is on full display. It's not quite at the goatee level of Oliver Queen in the comics (and nearly every other visual medium) but it's well on its way. The beard is much longer than usual as Amell has always kept his facial hair shortly trimmed. Now, though, Amell's beard extends far beyond his chin. Amell doesn't seem so happy with it, captioning the photo with "This situation is becoming untenable."

Obviously, Amell's comments about his new facial hair should be taken in a mostly facetious manner. The actor isn't growing out his beard just for fun. It's a part of some larger storyline or plan for Arrow season 7. Oliver getting goatee-like facial is a bit of fan service for those comic book readers who have been waiting to see the TV character look more like his classic version, but that can't be the only reason. The beard is likely a thematic hook into Arrow season 7's storyline about Oliver being behind bars.

The season 7 trailer already showed off Oliver sporting a much thicker beard in prison for his "crimes" as the Green Arrow. Oliver's in a rough, emotional spot following his arrest and his longer beard is likely an outward manifestation of that turmoil. It's not a difficult hypothesis to make that Arrow season 7 will see Oliver grow out his beard longer and longer until he's eventually (and undoubtedly) freed from his cell to become the Green Arrow again. Once Oliver's free, Arrow fans can probably expect to see Oliver have more of a trimmed goatee. Amell has previously promised the goatee was coming in season 7, but he hasn't reached that point yet. Whether the goatee lasts forever is anyone's guess, as Arrow's straight-laced aesthetic doesn't exactly support a cartoon-y Robin Hood-esque beard. However, Arrow initially seemed completely incompatible with metahumans and/or Batman.

Interestingly, Arrow won't be the first time that Amell has sported the goatee in the Arrowverse. The actor previously had a goatee playing an older Oliver Queen in a crossover episode of Legends of Tomorrow, which took place in an alternate future. However, that goatee was a part of the special effect and make-up department as Amell didn't kept his usual facial hair. This alone suggests the new goatee will last for much longer.

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Arrow season 7 premieres October 15 on The CW.

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