Arrow's Stephen Amell Says He Auditioned for Booster Gold "Way Back When"

Stephen Amell admits he once auditioned for the role of Booster Gold. The 36-year-old is now associated with Oliver Queen -  The CW's DCTV Universe's pioneering hero, The Green Arrow, which he has been playing for more than six seasons of Arrow. But as it turns out, he was almost another DC superhero with the actor sharing that he auditioned to play Michael Jon Carter aka. Booster Gold back then.

Booster Gold has yet to make the jump to live action despite several attempts. Apparently, the character was even teased to make his small screen debut in the Arrowverse. Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim so much so said that he and his team have considered introducing Booster Gold alongside his comics pal, Blue Beetle, in the Amell-led series, but to no luck, at least thus far.

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Appearing at this year's Awesome Con, Amell answered a series of fan questions regarding Arrow. But during his panel, the actor also revealed (via Twitter) that he tried out for the part of Booster Gold "way back when." Unfortunately, he didn't elaborate on what project the character was supposed to be on, nor whether it's a small screen or big screen production, but he said that "it happened."

It's unknown what version of Booster Gold was Amell auditioned for, but based on the character's comic book profile, he couldn't be farther away from the brooding type that the actor is now playing on Arrow as Oliver Queen. In the print source, he's initially depicted as a cocky showboat from the future who uses his advantage of knowledge and technology to stage high-profile heroics that would give him more prominence. Over the years and through a series of personal tragedies, however, he develops genuine care for other people, but his previous con-image continues to haunt him.

Despite Queen's and Carter's persona being significantly different, it's difficult to assume that Amell wouldn't have done good with Booster Gold, especially since we don't know what exactly DC's canned iteration of the character would've been. The Arrow actor didn't exactly elaborate when the audition took place, although safe to assume that it's before he was cast in The CW series early 2012.

Obviously, Amell wasn't the only one who didn't get the role considering that a Booster Gold live-action adaptation never came to fruition. But that doesn't mean that fans will never see a film or TV series featuring the DC hero. In fact, Arrowverse-mastermind Greg Berlanti has confirmed that a movie is still in development at Warner Bros. and will supposedly also be a part of the DCEU, despite previous claims. The project already has its first draft of the script and if it continues to move forward, people may soon hear other pivotal details regarding the film.

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Source: Mae Abdulbaki

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