Stephen Amell Clarifies His Arrow/Supernatural Crossover Hopes

Arrow Stephen Amell and Supernatural

Stephen Amell has continued his unofficial but determined campaign for a possible crossover between Arrow and Supernatural. But if it's not in the cards, he would settle even with just a cameo. The actor who has played the role of Starling City's vigilante hero is gearing up for his sixth season as Oliver Queen this fall, while Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who play Sam and Dean Winchester in the long-running CW series are preparing for their 13th season also coming next month.

Arrow is no stranger to crossovers - the show partakes in one week-long event together with other series under the DC/CW banner including The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Those spectacles have been a huge hit with the audience and have always been a much-anticipated event of the season for fans and critics alike. But Amell's relentless desire for a crossover with Supernatural - which is a solid show on its own - appears to have nothing to do with ratings. Instead, it sounds very personal and he is even happy to admit that it was him who started the buzz about a possible crossover between the two series.

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Appearing over the weekend  at Salt Lake Comic Con, Amell hosted a panel of his own, which was recorded and posted on YouTube by user Ammaros Danan, where he once again discussed the the now much-talked about rumor regarding an Arrow/Supernatural crossover:

“Without breaking the fourth wall with too much gusto, if I could show up on Supernatural as, like, someone pumping gas in their car or something like that, or just someone that they murder, that would be tremendous. And maybe it's one of those things where, I know that it doesn’t make sense and I know that its one of those things where it's not the same universe, but at the same time its TV and its supposed to be fun so maybe, you know, one of these days [Arrow executive producer] Greg Berlanti will be sitting in a room with the head honcho of Supernatural and they’ll just go, ‘Eh, why not?’”

From the sound of it, Amell would gladly take a small cameo outside of his Oliver Queen persona from Arrow just to make an appearance on Supernatural. And in reality, that appears to make more sense than the two hit The CW series melding worlds for one or two episodes. Sure the Winchester brothers have traveled to other alternate realities and Starling City's vigilante has tackled supernatural forces before, but piecing together a cohesive storyline that would benefit both shows (and their fans) could prove to be difficult as you would also have to consider the repercussions of bringing them together and then eventually separating them as part of each shows' respective canon.

Having said that, both shows are scheduled for their own special events for their upcoming seasons. For Arrow, the annual Arrowverse crossover is already locked in for the year titled  'Crisis on Earth-X' coming this November. The usual gameplayers are expected to take part in the spectacle and amidst the huge battle between good vs. evil, a possible wedding could also take place if things go accordingly for our favorite superheroes. As for Supernatural, the Winchester brothers are also getting their own dose of crossover with the iconic Scooby-Doo animated franchise.

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Arrow and Supernatural premiere Thursday, October 12 starting @8pm on The CW.

Source: Ammaross Danan

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