Stephen Amell Packs His Arrow Costume for WWE SummerSlam

Arrow S4 Costume First Look SDCC

Posted by Stephen Amell on Thursday, 20 August 2015

When Arrow star Stephen Amell and famed professional wrestler Stardust (Cody Rhodes) first began feuding on social media back in April, few thought anything would come of it. The two are entertainers at heart and their antics kept their fans... well, entertained through the next few months. The feud quietly ended in June with the passing of legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes (Cody's father) and that seemed to be end of the excitement.

However, the feud reignited in July and the two men began exchanging harsh words on Twitter, ultimately culminating in Amell attending WWE Monday Night Raw last week. It was during that event that things reached their boiling point. Amell ended up launching himself into the ring after being provoked by Stardust, attacking the wrestler before being pulled away by security. It was then decided the two would settle their differences in the ring during the upcoming pay-per-view event WWE SummerSlam.

The first question most fans asked themselves was if Amell would be wearing his Arrow costume in the ring. The actor responded on Twitter, stating that he wouldn't be wearing a shirt in the ring, but coyly promising that he would have to wear something else during his big entrance.

Amell recently took to Facebook to reveal some of the gear he'd be taking with him to SummerSlam. After showing off some of his training gear and advocating for his pair of Nike socks, Amell pulled out a familiar looking pair of boots. They were, of course, the boots he wears as the Arrow. Offhandedly commenting that he hopes they're "good with turnbuckles," the actor then pulled out the most important piece of his costume: the Green Arrow hood. Amell smiled as he held it up, saying the words fans have been waiting to hear.

"You didn't think I was coming without it, did ya?"

Arrow S4 Costume First Look SDCC

It's worth noting that the Arrow costume in question isn't the one that was retired at the end of the third season. Instead, Amell is bringing his season four costume to Brooklyn, giving fans their first look at Amell wearing his new duds in action. As such, the wrestling event will serve as something of an advertisement for the upcoming season of The CW's hit DC TV show.

Both contenders have been building excitement over the last two weeks, with Stardust and wrestling partner King Barrett (now known as the Cosmic King) taunting Amell and his partner Neville in a video message. Amell has been good-natured about the event, building anticipation by teasing today's costume reveal.

Excitement for WWE SummerSlam has been growing since the announcement of Amell and Stardust's match, and it seems that both sides are going to benefit greatly from this high profile bout. Fans expect to see their favorite costumed vigilante enter the "real world" on Sunday. If Stardust's theatrical history is any indication, viewers are in for fight straight out of the comic books. Only this time, maybe the heroes won't be the victors.

WWE SummerSlam 2015 is set for Sunday, August 23rd in Brooklyn. Arrow season four debuts on The CW on October 7th, 2015.

Source: Stephen Amell

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