Stephen Amell Wants Arrow to Battle Some Flash Villains

Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 5

Arrow star Stephen Amell wants to see Oliver take on more of the Flash's enemies, and he's got a few recommendations. With two years on The Flash and three on Supergirl and Legends of TomorrowArrow has had the pick of the litter when it comes to DC Comics villains. And while some seem to remain off limits, Oliver and his friends have nevertheless faced off against many supervillains from the page. When it comes to the upcoming sixth season of the series, that likely won't be changing.

Though we know Deathstroke will serve a more pivotal role moving forward—whether as friend or foe, it's not yet known—Oliver will likely have his hands full in the wake of the finale. Despite a potential loss of allies, we'll still see Oliver in mentor mode, probably training a new batch of recruits to challenge the worst Star City has to offer. And though the Green Arrow has actually faced a number of Flash rogues already, the star of Arrow is still keen to tackle a few more.

As reported by ComicBook, Amell spoke about the upcoming season of Arrow at the recent Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, and the actor made it clear he wants to square off against some of the Scarlet Speedsters' villains.

The Flash King Shark Review

"King Shark would be fun. No actually, I think that some iteration of Harrison Wells, the evil version would be pretty awesome to deal with. I like him. He's smart."

The Green Arrow taking on both King Shark and Harrison Wells would be something to behold. Diggle and Lyla have already confronted the monstrous rogue, so if he ever escapes from ARGUS, he could definitely be headed for Star City. Meanwhile, with all the iterations of Harrison Wells out in the multiverse, there's surely one with a grudge against Oliver. Even better, but perhaps one could arrive to take on Felicity in a battle of the minds.

Even if the present day is ruled out, Arrow's habit of flashbacks provides a number of opportunities for existing Flash villains to show up. We know the flashbacks will undergo some changes this season, but they will still be around. Perhaps Team Arrow has already come to blows with one of Barry's rogues in the past of the Arrowverse.

With Comic-Con just around the corner, we'll likely learn a bit more about what's to come on Arrow. In the meantime, the season 6 premiere will have plenty of heavy lifting to do as it deals with the fallout from May's finale.

‘Fallout’, the season 6 premiere of Arrow, will air on The CW at 9pm on Thursday, October 12.

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Source: ComicBook

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