Stephan Smith Collins Cast as Pinhead in 'Hellraiser: Revelations'

Bloody Disgusting has exclusively confirmed that actor Stephan Smith Collins has been cast as Pinhead in Hellraiser: Revelations, the latest straight-to-DVD sequel in the long-lasting horror franchise. The film, which shouldn't be confused with the long-awaited Hellraiser reboot, is currently filming in Los Angeles on a tight shooting schedule and an even tighter budget.

In late August, Hellraiser fans were stunned to learn that actor Doug Bradley would not be reprising the role of Pinhead in Hellraiser: Revelations, the ninth film in the 23-year-old horror series and the fifth straight-to-DVD sequel. Many even asked why Dimension Films would bother moving forward with another low-budget sequel if Bradley wasn't on board.

The answer, as we touched on earlier in the month, is that Dimension didn't really have a choice. If they didn't get started on production of a Hellraiser film before the end of the year, the company would have risked losing the rights to the Hellraiser franchise altogether.

So, does the casting of the unknown Collins mean that Hellraiser: Revelations will be a return to form for the franchise? Probably not. Setting aside the fact that Bradley is practically iconic in the role of Pinhead, the film was rushed into production and doesn't sound like it has a very solid (or even coherent) script. Check out this description of the plot courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.

The character "Steve" is the son of Sarah (possibly Devon Sorvari) and Ross (Steven Brand). His character kicks off the mayhem while on a backpacking trip in Mexico with his friend Nico (Gillespie). On their trip the duo are presented with a choice to "experience a reality beyond current existence"thanks to the infamous puzzle box. Pinhead becomes his master.

The story continues as Nico realizes that he's commitment to Pinhead forever, and thus attempts a daring switch plan to release himself from the puzzle box. But apparently things go wrong as he's also said to be starring as "Pseudo-Pinhead". This Pseudo-Pinhead is such a devoted servant of Pinhead, he mimics his appearance as closely as possible and revels in the pain that leads to his pleasure.

I certainly hope that Stephan Collins finds success in the role of Pinhead, but, frankly, any news on Hellraiser: Revelations only calls attention to the fact that the Hellraiser reboot is stuck in the mud. Until we hear some solid news on that front, I just can't get excited about the franchise.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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