Step Brothers 2 Has Been Discussed, Says Will Ferrell

Step Brothers

Step Brothers is one of Will Ferrell's more popular films and it might yet get a sequel. The 2008 comedy pit Ferrell's Brennan Huff against John C. Reilly's Dale Doback - two unemployed and lazy man-children, still living at home with their respective mother and father (played by Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins). When their mom and dad marry, the step-siblings are forced to live together, causing their rivalry to intensify and creates a rift in the family. Once they realize they have more in common than originally thought, Dale and Brennan work as a team to keep their parents together.

The Adam McKay-directed film earned $128.1 million at the box office - nearly double its production budget - and there has been talk of doing a Step Brothers sequel for years. Ferrell has now confirmed as much to be true - if not much else beyond that.

Ferrell told Andy Cohen, while on Watch What Happens Live to promote his new film The House, that he wasn't planning on sequels for Elf or Old School but said "we talked a little bit about Step Brothers, so who knows... but at the same time, you like to create new things."

In 2011, McKay told Screen Junkies that they had been playing with the idea of a Step Brothers sequel, saying "there's way more fat to mined there." The director went on to describe the potential plot of the sequel:

"One of them's married and has a kid. They're still kind of goofballs but they've taken three or four steps. Then we have an idea for something that knocks him back to square one, and of the brothers, John C. Reilly sort of instigates it, like 'we can't take this anymore.' And things go really bad, their lives kind of fall apart. They have to pull it back together is sort of the basic structure."

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Clearly, there isn't any real rush to make a Step Brothers sequel, despite the fact that Will, Adam and John have already come up with a storyline - but that might be a good thing. Trying to recreate the magic of an original comedy is a tough feat (just look at the negative critical response to Zoolander No. 2 ), but the writing duo are in good stead given their past efforts. Anchorman 2 did quite well at the box office compared to the original, grossing $173.6 million worldwide, and even earned some decent reviews too. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus was that while the sequel "may not be quite as quotable, its nearly as funny as it's predecessor."

If Step Brothers 2 could reunite the entire cast - including Adam Scott and Kathryn Hahn - then its definitely something McKay and especially Ferrell should think about doing in coming years. That said, we do have Holmes and Watson to look forward to in the meantime, for those wanting a Ferrell/Reilly reunion.

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Source: Watch What Happens Live

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