15 Steamy Cosplay Outfits That Really Pushed The Boundaries

Even if you don't pay much attention to the world of cosplay, you're no doubt aware that cosplayers are comfortable showcasing some pretty revealing attire. Maybe some wear those outfits because they enjoy showing off their body, or maybe they just happen to be drawn to characters who look like that.

We have no issue with it either way since everyone has the prerogative to wear what they please. Or at least they do online. When it comes to stepping out in public, more than a few cosplayers have gotten in hot water for their hot outfits.

Where is the line drawn for what's okay to wear at a convention? What qualifies as a harmless racy outfit and what qualifies as taking things too far? That's all very subjective, so we’ll leave that discussion for others.

We've collected some of the most bold yet accurate cosplays we could find that either actually did get someone in trouble, or undoubtedly would have given the chance. If nothing else, these models deserve big props for having the confidence to wear these 15 Steamy Cosplay Outfits That Really Pushed The Boundaries.

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Hey Guys :) Because you like my Mystique Costume I write a quick review for you if you are interested in the suit :D I always wanted to cosplay Mystique in her blue version but I never wanted to to a full Body Painting Cosplay. As I see that @herostime2013 produce a Costume for Mystic, I had to order it! The costume arrived in 2 Weeks after order. Options: It's hero's time has diferent Options for there Costumes. Normaly you can choose between seven sizes ( from xs to xxxl) but my Size was between S and M so i decited to chose the “Costume-Made” Option wich only cost 5$ and I write them my Exact proportion. Additional I ordered the option “Hands Detachable” because I decided to be able to put down the gloves so I can use my Smartphone at conventions :) For the fabric I order the normal options. Next Time I will try the thicker one, to see where the differences are. Quality: As the Costume arrived I first take a look at the internal seam. They are very well done and sturdy. The Suit has a powerful colour and a light shiny surface. Even if you stretch the Fabric the colors wouldn´t break what is very nice. It´is Heroes Time always used a Invisible Zippers for their Costumes so you never see the Zipper what is important If you want so Cosplay in a full Body Suit. Wearing comfort: The fabric is super elastic what makes it easy to put it on. Although the fabric isn’t that thick, you didn’t feel naked.The Fabric feels good on your skin so you can wear the Suit the whole day :) Shop Contact: The contact to the seller was very nice and pleasant.They answerd super quick and detailed. I´m very happy that I was able to test there Mystique Costume. To complete my Costume I only have to bought a wig, Contact Lenses and put some Make-up on. If you want to buy the Suit you can click on that link: #cosplay #mystique #mystiquemakeup #mystiquecosplay #xmen #xmencosplay #herostime #herostimecosplay

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The X-Men movies revolutionized how we see Mystique. She at least wore clothes in the comics before Fox debuted their depiction of her, but the first X-Men movie veered off in a totally unique look by basically having her nude except for some strategically placed scales. It was a bit creepy, but also an immediate attention grabber. And it turned out Fox's risk with the fresh look paid off because the comics eventually wound up imitating Mystique's movie look.

As Jennifer Lawrence demonstrated when she started taking over the role, Mystique's got a cool look for any actress. But it's also a gutsy and time-consuming look to pull off. You can definitely see the newer X-Men movies have tried to scale back how often they show Mystique's natural form.

Naoko found a really cool way to retain the look of the movie Mystique while scaling back on the effort. Looking closely you can see she's wearing a body suit rather than full blue body paint, but it still looks awesome. And we doubt anyone will say that it looks any less jaw-dropping.


Here we have an outfit that many have said would be impossible for a woman to actually wear in real life— the barely-there costume of DC's Starfire. To start off, Tenleid deserves massive credit for actually managing to prove this costume is possible. So many of the Starfire cosplays you'll see are of one of her more modest outfits, but Tenleid chooses to live dangerously with that chest piece that just seems like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Seeing an authentic depiction of a cosplay is always awesome to see, but it's especially impressive when a cosplayer is willing to take on a more difficult outfit. Tenleid is the perfect combo of what any fan could ask for in a steamy cosplay— it's proficient on a technical level, and she also looks great wearing it. So apparently everyone who criticizes Starfire’s outfit as being unfeasible has just been proven incorrect.


It's actually a very common trope for girls to be the ones who chase the guys in anime. And quite a few people probably thought their anime fantasy came to life when they saw Jayem Sison cosplaying as Rin Matsuoka from Free!.

The outfit Jayem goes with here for Rin is pretty simple, mainly just adding the pastel-colored hair and the swimsuit attire. It's an accurate costume, but also obviously selected for Jayem to show off his gym body. And with swim trunks that are sitting dangerously low, you have a perfect look at those sculpted abs.

Part of cosplaying is definitely the look of the cosplayer, so even though this outfit may be simple, staying in the shape to show it off is countless hours.


That's right, not every female cosplayer we talk about has to be wearing as little as possible to warrant a place in this topic. It's totally possible to wow a room even while totally covered up. Elise Laurenne isn't afraid to show off more revealing outfits as well, but she proves how talented she is here by making a great looking full coverage costume that is also very flattering.

This Venom tainted Spider-Gwen (or Gwenom, as she's called) has lots of cool and creepy details in the claws and the mask that give it a threatening look. But at first glance it also looks almost uncomfortably revealing due to the skintight body suit made to resemble a bare torso.

Elise definitely earns high points for making an outfit authentic to the character that she is doing, and yet still being able to make it look attractive despite the eerie symbiote influence.


You probably knew Jessica Nigri would be featured in a list about cosplaying, but you can hardly say it's unwarranted for this topic. Nigri is one of the internet's most well-known and popular cosplayers not only because she is very skilled, but because she enjoys wearing provocative outfits. She has actually gotten some pushback for how much her sexuality is used to get attention for her work, but Nigri typically brushes it off in good spirits. However, there was at least one occasion where she couldn't ignore the objection to her outfit.

At PAX East of 2012, Nigri initially attended the event sporting the hot pink outfit you see in the center image above. But according to workers at the event, Nigri's Juliet Starling outfit from Lollipop Chainsaw got complaints due to how revealing it was. So Nigri tried to comply with the event's verdict by swapping to the less revealing outfit of Starling seen on the left. Yet this once again garnered pushback, leading to Nigri to go for an even more conservative outfit of Starling seen on the right.

Nigri's revealing costumes are typically crowd pleasers, but this time they were not PAX pleasers.


There are plenty of Final Fantasy characters we could go with when talking about people who forgo having much clothes on, but Leon Chiro deserves some credit here for taking on one of the less obvious candidates and making it work.

Lots of women have shown off Rikku and Tifa’s outfits, but the characters of Final Fantasy XIII tend to not get as much love. This original take on Snow definitely shows the character can be as appealing as some of the more popular Final Fantasy cosplays.

It can be difficult for men to push the boundaries as much as female cosplayers can, but Leon definitely makes the effort with many of his cosplays. The low-hanging pants might raise a few eyebrows, but facially Leon looks like Snow walked right out of the game. There’s plenty to appreciate with this cosplay whether you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, or just outfits that turn up the heat.


While Jacqueline Goehner wasn’t kicked out of a convention for wearing this like some of the other cosplayers we’re mentioning, it probably would not surprise many people if she had been. It’s certainly accurate to Sara Pezzini from Witchblade, but even a lot of bikinis are not this revealing. That makes it all the more impressive that Jacqueline elected to show this off, demonstrating some great confidence.

We’re not even sure how the chest pieces actually stay on, but Jacqueline no doubt had to work very hard to ensure this costume wouldn’t be moving around on her. Luckily for her, Jacqueline actually has been able to show this off publicly, so her efforts have not gone to waste.

There’s nothing worse than putting your best into a project and then having it be shut down before you can share it with people. Though we suspect the number of conventions where she could get away with wearing this are not too high.


While there is not much in the way of clothing for this costume from cosplayer Nonsummerjack, it does show how this kind of outfit can also showcase a minimalist way of conveying a character. Even with how scant this outfit is, you are never going to be unsure that this is a portrayal of Anubis.

Admittedly the ancient Egyptians were not a super modest people anyhow, so this costume does fit in with that kind of aesthetic. Obviously Nonsummerjack is not sporting this outfit at a convention in the picture above, so we’d be pretty interested to hear if she could actually get in while dressed like this. At the very least she would probably have to towel off the oil so there were no hazards of slipping.

Even with the shortage of actual clothes, this outfit paired with the Anubis ears and all the jewelry are certainly a striking look.


When 300 was first released a lot of viewers couldn’t help pointing out the somewhat sexual undertones to this bloody action movie. A lot of guys loved the dramatic combat of Zack Snyder’s 300, but seemed reluctant to admit that the outfits of the Spartans were pretty much the equivalent of any female character in skimpy clothes. It's hard to deny that a movie in which a bunch of muscular guys wear as little as possible is meant to appeal to people for more than the action.

Seen above in a picture Brandon Budlong (left) shared on his Instagram, you can see he was not daunted by the Spartan outfit at all. There are plenty of men who are happy for an excuse to showcase their physiques in cospaly. Even though Gerard Butler made it seem somewhat more acceptable, it definitely takes confidence to go out in public in a cape, a leather speedo, and little else.


This is definitely a cosplay that could never be done in public. Bayonetta fans know that the titular heroine is dressed in an outfit that is actually comprised of her own hair. Typically it just looks like she is wearing a skintight leather suit.

Plenty of women (and probably a few men) have sported Bayonetta's regular outfit with no issue. But when Bayonetta unleashes all of her hair in a huge special attack that leaves her naked? That's something you can really only show off in your own home.

Obviously it takes more than just ditching your clothes to say you're cosplaying Bayonetta, though. Arienaiten still conveys the character authentically with the glasses, jewelry, and guns of Bayonetta all featured prominently, including the high heels that double as guns. Even the conveniently placed locks of hair wouldn't allow someone to do this cosplay in public, but it does make for a cool photo op.


Street Fighter is another franchise where you might think of the female characters as being the ones whose outfits gain all the attention, but the guys can push the limits too. In fact, the male characters were doing it first since Zangief was introduced in Street Fighter II, and in the first version of the game the only female character was Chun-Li.

While plenty of people are happy to show off their Chun-Li cosplays, none of them are ever as revealing as user Huntzob’s Zangief outfit.

This is definitely the most revealing male cosplay on our list since this outfit is seriously just a speedo. But that makes it pretty impressive that Zangief still has a signature look that anyone would recognize instantly, thanks to details like his scars and his trademark hairstyle. It takes a seriously fit guy to pull off cosplaying as the Russian wrestler, and Huntzob definitely fits the bill in this impressive depiction.


We have talked about people with outfits that seem like they should be impossible to wear, and people who have forgone outfits almost altogether and draped their selves in their own hair. So what can possibly top all of that? Being clothed in nothing but nature itself seems like a good contender. That’s what brings us to this cosplay from Sydney Marie looking like she belongs in the Garden of Eden as she shows off her Poison Ivy outfit.

The leaves probably aren’t real since that would give this outfit an extremely short lifespan before it began crumbling apart, but it’s still a cool and authentic look.

Poison Ivy’s costume varies heavily depending on the interpretation, ranging from actual clothes to gowns made of leaves, but Sydney goes with the more audacious take on the character. It actually makes being authentic to being Poison Ivy a bit tricky to do publicly since she often has little to showcase other than her fiery red hair, and an au naturel look.


If you were wondering how far a male cosplay could possibly push the boundaries, Jayem Sison's cosplays do a pretty good job of it. Jayem obviously works hard on his physique, and what guy wouldn't be showing it off if they looked like he does? He has a lot of impressively accurate cosplays, one of which you saw earlier, and they usually cater to showing off his body. But we would have to call his Attack on Titan cosplay the steamiest of the bunch.

Sure, skipping out on clothes cuts down on the amount of time needed to go into assembling an outfit, but Jayem still nails it with the hair and the facial features of the titan. Though the titans are typically terrifying monsters, somehow we doubt too many people would be afraid to stick around for a better look at this titan. It’s a cool combo of craftsmanship and a bit of a tease for fans.


This Vampirella cosplay by Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is another outfit that seems to defy physics. One look at Vampirella on the drawn page and you'd be forgiven for assuming there is no way that outfit would stay on an actual person. But Bourbonnais not only does it, but she even pulls it off well— which isn't easy, by the way.

With Bourbonnais, not only does the outfit look great on her, but she genuinely pulls off the vampiric look well. If not for how shiny and new the costume is, she'd totally pass as some ancient vampire trying to lure victims into a creepy castle.

Vampirella seems like one of those comic characters where you'd never find someone who could look as good as her in real life, but Bourbonnais aces it in a spot-on outfit.


While a lot of these entries are subjective based on what we personally find to be pushing the boundaries, some of them are a bit more inarguable. Adrianne Curry knows about that since she was actually kicked out of a San Diego Comic Con for wearing this outfit from Aeon Flux. To be fair to Adrianne, her outfit is an accurate cosplay, but apparently security weren’t giving her any points for keeping it authentic. Despite undoubtedly having a lot of big plans for the day, she was sent packing.

Adrianne is an America’s Next Top Model winner, as well as a Playboy cover model, so obviously she knows how to get people’s attention. But her Aeon Flux outfit wasn’t appreciated—at least not by security.

After leaving the venue Adrianne was greeted by fans as she walked down the sidewalk who praised her outfit. She laughed about the situation and explained why she wasn’t allowed to stay, even turning around to show off what she dubbed her “butt cape” that she had been advised to wear so there wouldn’t be any more complaints as she departed.


Know any other cosplays that would fog up some windows? Share your favorites in the comments, and tell us what you thought of our choices!

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