2 Steam Best Sellers Are Anime Sex Games Because Of Course

Steam Sex Games

According to Steam's best-selling games for the month of July, sexual content is very popular amongst the platform's userbase. Sexual content in games has become something of a heated topic in the industry as of late. PlayStation was once the leader in games, typically from Japan, with blatant sexual undertones. Now, from the large to small scale, Sony has been a lot stricter with what developers can include in their games. Even Capcom's Devil May Cry V was effected earlier this year when Trish's butt was censored in one particular scene.

In recent years, Valve has been pretty lax with what they allow on their store. The Steam platform often finds itself mired in controversy with games that either have uncomfortable gratuitous violence or pornographic content - unfortunately, sometimes it's both. Many of these titles come from smaller developers, and for a long time, they didn't have the opportunity to make it onto big platforms like Steam.

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Kotaku noticed that the appropriately named  LOVE³ -Love Cube- and  CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It’s a Night Magic made it into Steam's top releases for July 2019. LOVE³ -Love Cube- has players take on the role of a struggling adult comics artist who lives with three women who he has sex with. Of course, the game promises that illustrations "will come to life and bounce up and down!CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It’s a Night Magic has the player taking the keys to their uncle's bar and customizing the maids that'll amuse customers. Both games clearly state that sexual content is included in their store pages. They're censored accordingly to abide by Valve's rules but players can easily purchase or download free patches that'll add uncensored content to each. Sometimes these patches will only be available via third-party sources due to Valve's restrictions, while other times they'll be available directly on the game's store page.

Valve Steam

Valve doesn't seem to care that developers are easily going around their rules. While Sony never really allowed for games that contained highly explicit nudity or sex, their restrictions on fanservice titles like Senran Kagura series, for example, have caused some gamers to shop on Steam and even the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo used to actually be pretty well known for censoring some of their games in the west, too.

Many of these games available on Steam seem to hide their true nature, which is strange. CUSTOM ORDER MAID points out that players can skip a lot of the in-between gameplay segments so they can get straight to the point, which seems pretty overt. Valve hasn't shown any sign of responding to these sex games, though. As the Epic Games Store continues to net the biggest AAA releases of the year on PC for a multitude of different reasons, Valve's top-selling games list is starting to look a little silly.

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Source: Kotaku

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