'Static Shock' Rumor: Jaden Smith to Headline the Webseries

Jaden Smith in 'After Earth'

With the highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice set to expand on the DC Universe merely hinted at in last year's Man of Steel, Warner Bros. has been leveraging that excitement as an opportunity to bring as many DC heroes to life as possible. That master plan - which may eventually involve a multiverse - really went into full effect recently with the launch of hit shows like The Flash and Gotham as well as release dates for a total of 10 DC films.

However, the studio has also announced its plans to extend its DC properties into the digital realm as well. Amid several other projects, a live-action webseries based on DC's Static Shock is on the way, and now fans have their first clue about who may be starring.

According to Flickering Myth, none other than Jaden Smith is being considered to lead the series as Virgil Hawkins a.k.a. the superhero known as Static. The young actor's last starring role was also for a Warner Bros. project, namely the M. Night Shymalan misfire After Earth (read our review).

From a business standpoint, though, it makes sense for Warner Bros. to cast Smith in the role. After all, his mother Jada Pinkett -Smith is currently appearing as crime boss Fish Mooney on Gotham, and his father Will Smith was recently name-dropped as a potential star for David Ayer's Suicide Squad film, hitting theaters in August 2016.

Warner Bros Planning Live-Action Static Shock Webseries

There's no denying that Smith shares a bit of resemblance with the comic book and animated versions of Static, and he is the right age to bring the character to life. That being said, it may be difficult for some fans to overlook the failure of After Earth, especially considering it rested so heavily on the younger Smith to carry the film. Moreover, if Smith were to follow his parent's footsteps into the DC universe, it could reignite the same cries of nepotism that plagued Shymalan's sci-fi blockbuster hopeful.

In any case, it's too early for Static Shock fans to lather themselves up into a fury of Batfleck proportions, but it's never too soon to start speculating on who could be the perfect lead for this new digital series. Do you think Smith would be a good fit, or do you have another young actor in mind to star as Static? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant for details on the Static Shock digital series.

Source: Flickering Myth

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