Starz Willing to Wait for 'Torchwood' Season 5 Until Russell T. Davies is Ready

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After four episodes, Torchwood: Miracle Day is approaching the halfway mark of its ten episode run. During that time, the show has picked-up enough of an audience to have the powers that be thinking about the future of the series, and when the show might be ready for a fifth season.

According to Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, while they would like to see the series again, it's really in the hands of series creator Russell T. Davies – whose busy schedule includes the development of the new series Cucumber for Showtime.

In a statement made during the Television Critics Association press tour, Albrecht said, "Torchwood is not one of the shows we went into thinking about a yearly return. [Davies] has a lot of things on his plate. If Torchwood is at the top of his list, that will affect the future of Torchwood."

Albrecht’s statements should help quell any fear that series’ future may be in jeopardy – or has been put in some sort of development limbo. For fans of the series, however, the notion of a large gap between seasons is nothing new. The third season, Torchwood: Children of Earth, ended its run nearly two years before Miracle Day touched down in early July.

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So, like the end of that season, fans will just have to be patient for more Torchwood, once Miracle Day wraps up in September.

Albrecht’s comments go a long way in illustrating Starz’s commitment to their programming and the individuals responsible for bringing the projects to fruition. Much like the manner in which the network handled the Spartacus delay – following Andy Whitfield’s illness and subsequent departure – Starz seems content to wait, rather than rush an unrefined product to television. Allowing Davies the opportunity to work on another show – while keeping Torchwood ready for his return – is undoubtedly the right move.

One interesting aspect from this proposal is the growing trend in lengthier hiatuses between seasons. As we have seen recently with the long-awaited return of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Breaking Bad, networks like HBO, Starz and AMC are no longer clinging to the notion that a series needs to stick to a regimented year-after-year schedule.

Much like the shift to shorter seasons that see many cable and premium channel programs now hovering around the 10-12 episode range, the intended benefit of longer intervals may mean audiences will see a marked increase in the overall quality of television programs – something Curb is currently experiencing.

With any luck, Torchwood will be back sooner rather than later, but fans should find some solace in the fact that Starz will likely be waiting when it’s ready.


Torchwood: Miracle Day airs Friday nights @10pm on Starz

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