15Real footage of the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire was used

The whole reason that the humans have to fly out to space and kick some bug butt is because of the bug's supposed attack on Buenos Aires. However, it's not like that was really that far fetched.

We declare genocide on invasive species of bugs when they ruin our crops and

infest our homes, so if they did decide to blow up the capital of Argentina, we're pretty sure that people would start attacking them with assault rifles.

Any true patriot knows that the news about Buenos Aries is broken to the citizens of earth in a particularly memorable piece of propaganda, showing the devastation and carnage of the bug attack as buildings are ablaze and the screams of the wounded can be heard.

However, this scene is actual real. The propaganda broadcast used footage from the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991, which burnt down thousands of homes and killed 25 people.

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