16 Stars Whose Unknown Sisters Are Even Better-Looking

There tends to be an assumption that the famous member of any family is the best in their given field-- a guy who plays in the NBA is probably the best basketball player among his brothers, a supermodel is probably the most attractive of her sisters, and the sibling with the recording contract probably has the best pipes. Combine this with the general beauty of celebrities, and the theory is that a famous person is automatically going to be better-looking than any of their non-famous relatives-- especially their siblings.

As we will prove here, that theory isn't always accurate. There are plenty of stars that have civilian siblings that are just as attractive-- if not more so-- than their famous brothers and sisters. Sure, it might not be hard for a less-conventionally-attractive celebrity to have a stunning sibling. But even stars that are specifically noted for their physical beauty, be they gorgeous actors, singers, or actual models, sometimes have an even more gorgeous civilian sibling.

Just to be clear, not all of the sisters on this list are completely obscure. Most are simply far less famous than their sibling, and in some cases, people might not have connected the dots as to whom they are related to.

Here are 16 Stars Whose Unknown Siblings Are Even Better-Looking.

16 Miley Cyrus -- Brandi Cyrus

Miley Cyrus made the journey from innocent young Disney star to tongue-wagging, wrecking ball-riding bad girl, and managed to emerge relatively unscathed at the other end. It was an ending that many people-- including her own father, Billy Ray Cyrus-- didn't see as a likely outcome. The lesson: never count an artist out just because she struggles a bit in the transition to adulthood. Don't we all?

Also never overlook the other Cyrus children, especially oldest sibling Brandi, who very clearly got the best of the genes that Billy Ray and his wife had to give. While she had small roles in Hannah Montana (thanks, sis) and Zoey 101, Brandi's acting career has been minimal-- but she still commands attention every time she graces us with a photo shoot or Instagram post.

15 Harry Styles -- Gemma Styles

A band like One Direction only comes along once-- well, there are a lot of bands like One Direction, but 1D certainly is one of the bigger boy bands of the modern era, and there is no question that its breakout star was Harry Styles.

While she might not have arenas full of people screaming for her like her brother does, Gemma Styles is no doubt the most attractive Styles sibling in the room whenever the pair are together. And her Instagram feed? Forget about it-- after just a few scrolls, you'll be saying "Harry who?"

As creepy as it is to imagine Harry singing the hit 1D song "What Makes You Beautiful" to his sister, it's very easy to applies the lyrics to the gorgeous Gemma.

14 Sofía Vergara -- Sandra Vergara

While Sofía Vergara has been one of the most beautiful women on television for the better part of two decades, American audiences largely became aware of her as part of the ensemble of Modern Family. Although she is a standout character on a show full of standout characters in large part because of her comedic chops, it would be naive to think that her flawless features and curves have nothing to do with it.

It certainly wouldn't be easy living in the shadow of a sister who is almost impossibly attractive, but Sofía's little sis Sandra does just fine. What she lacks in an hourglass figure-- which isn't to say she is without curves, because she certainly isn't-- and fun flirtiness, she more than makes up for with a smolder and quiet sultriness that drives people far crazier than her sister's loud and proud approach.

13 Jack and Kelly Osbourne -- Aimee Osbourne

Sometimes, a member of a famous family stays out of the limelight by choice, as is the case with the "forgotten" daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Coincidentally, she is also the most attractive of the entire Osbourne clan.

When the Osbournes were approached by MTV to make a reality show about their lives, daughter Aimee was vehemently opposed to the whole plan and refused to appear on the show. As a result, as her siblings Jack and Kelly grew just as famous as their rock legend dad, Aimee became known as the mysterious, little-seen Osbourne child that was presumably too snobby to be on a reality show.

Whatever her reasons and the effect it has had on her life, there's no arguing that Aimee's looks put her siblings' to shame-- so much so that it's hard to believe they all share the same set of parents.

12 Zoe Saldana -- Cisely Saldana

She's not even 40-years-old yet, but Zoe Saldana has already had the kind of career that most actors wouldn't have if they lived to be 200. Not only did she star in the current highest-grossing movie of all-time-- Avatar-- and is slated to return for its four (!) sequels, but she's also had roles in the Star Trek franchise and is a member of the MCU as Guardians of the Galaxy's Gamora, set to join the rest of the Marvel heroes in this year's Avengers: Infinity War.

Zoe has parlayed her great success into forming her own production company, Cinestar Pictures, with her sisters in tow. As it turns out, Zoe may not even be the mot stunning of the Saldana women-- that title arguably belongs to Cisely, a writer/director/producer triple-threat who has displayed considerable talent behind the scenes but could easily spend more time in front of them.

11 Gisele Bündchen -- Patricia Bündchen

It's easy to assume that the sisters of supermodels aren't exactly going to be Plain Janes, even if they don't quite match the beauty of their more famous sibling. When you hear that Gisele Bündchen, one of the most successful models of all time, has a whopping five sisters, images are instantly conjured of family reunions that put most fashion shows to shame.

What is surprising, however, is that Gisele isn't even the best-looking of the Bündchen girls-- that honor belongs to Patricia, who just so happens to be Gisele's twin. Since the two are fraternal twins rather than identical, there is enough of a physical difference to make a distinction, and Patricia just seems to have a more effortless, natural beauty to her than her famous older (by five minutes) sister.

10 Dakota Johnson -- Stella Banderas-Griffith

Few mainstream movies of the last decade or so have been more seductively-charged than the Fifty Shades series, which has helped to turn its somewhat unassuming female lead, Dakota Johnson, into a surprising star. That isn't to say Dakota wasn't already a looker-- come on, she's the offspring of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, after all-- but seeing her on the receiving end of Christian Grey's "singular tastes" put her in a whole new light.

That said, Melanie Griffith has passed her fantastic beauty onto another daughter. Apparently, her genes mix much better with Antonio Banderas', as the pair's daughter, Stella Banderas-Griffith, soars past her half-sister in the looks department. And she didn't even need to star in movies based on a series of books that drove a generation of bored housewives crazy in order for her beauty to be made readily-apparent.

9 Rita Ora -- Elena Ora

Speaking of women whose lust appeal was boosted by the Fifty Shades movies, singer Rita Ora-- already one of the best-looking pop stars around-- had her model-esque looks introduced to an even wider audience when she played the role of Christian Grey's sister.

Meanwhile, propping up the success of the ravishing Rita is her sister and manager Elena, who manages the seemingly-impossible task of actually taking the focus off her sister whenever the two are in public together. From her attention-stealing red carpet outfits to her incredible Instagram posts, it's clear that Elena chooses to be the less-famous Ora sister.

Not since Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton's assistant did a member of someone's "team" draw more eyes than the star herself.

8 Penélope Cruz -- Mónica Cruz

Widely regarded as one of the world's most beautiful women, Penélope Cruz has spent her nearly 30-year career being both an acclaimed model and actress. She's been one of the biggest muses for visionary Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, who has cast her in several of his celebrated films. Anyone who somehow hadn't discovered Penélope by 2011 probably saw her in the billion-dollar-grossing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

They also discovered her sister, Mónica, in that same movie-- even if they didn't realize it. The siblings look so much alike that Mónica stood in for her sister during various wide shots in Tides. However, only seeing Mónica from far away doesn't do her justice, as up close you see that she somehow manages to exceed the beauty-- if only slightly-- of her superstar older sister.

7 Lady Gaga -- Natali Germanotta

Expertly walking the trail that was previously blazed by Madonna in coupling raw, in-your-face sensuality with legitimate song craft, Lay Gaga commands your attention whether you want to give it to her or not. She also hasn't been shy about wearing outfits that cover less than underwear, something that she wouldn't be able to pull off unless she had the body to do it. Artistic statements though they may be, she is fully aware how good she looks while she's dancing around.

That confidence must run in her family, as her sister, Natali Germanotta, has done some public showing-off of her own-- though she has managed to prove she is even more stunning than her sibling. The Germanotta girls clearly have opposite opinions on what "less is more" means in terms of attractiveness, but for our money, Natali's take is more effective.

6 Robert Pattinson -- Lizzy Pattinson

Robert Pattinson's very first film role was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which he soon followed up with his breakthrough role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie franchise. To say that he set millions of hearts ablaze in the 2000s would be an understatement. He then transitioned into more complex roles, leaving his teen heartthrob status in the sparkling dust.

Robert's older sister Lizzy would likely have an even greater army of people crushing on her if she'd just get as famous as him. The lovely Lizzy is a musician and has lent her voice to a song from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack as well as the No. 1 dance club hit "Let The Sun Shine" with German duo Milk & Sugar. She also got to the top six in season 11 of the British version of The X Factor, but was unfortunately eliminated.

5 Jenny McCarthy -- Joanne "Jojo" McCarthy

Only a handful of women have been able to transition from Playmate of the Month to a fully-fledged career, and among the most famous of those is Jenny McCarthy. The multi-talented Jenny can count actress, author, screenwriter, and producer among her many accomplishments-- as well as being one of the most beautiful women that has ever walked the planet.

So how can anyone suggest that she has a sister who is even more attractive than she is? Joanne McCarthy-- also known as Jojo-- is simply a more interesting kind of beautiful than Jenny.

While Jenny is your classic curvy blonde bombshell, Jojo mixes things up with a more athletic build-- she played in the WNBA-- darker locks, and a more statuesque frame. Still very much a bombshell and worthy of the McCarthy name, she just does it in a way that doesn't make her look like many other girls.

4 Rashida Jones -- Kidada Jones

When your dad is a legend like Quincy Jones, you could be forgiven for being too worried about failing to live up to his legacy and not even bothering trying a career in the public eye. Unless, of course, you're the ridiculously talented-- and gorgeous-- Rashida Jones, then you just go ahead and do your thing as you rack up accolades as an actress, singer, writer, and producer.

Rashida's older sister, Kidada, wasn't able to have quite as much on-screen success as her more famous sibling, but that isn't to say she's any less talented-- and she most certainly isn't less attractive. The lovely Kidada is a designer for The Walt Disney Company, certainly not a career to be embarrassed of, despite the lack of celebrity it brings. As Disney's vice president of consumer product puts it, "She has a real hand in making things cool."

3 Audrina Patridge -- Casey Loza

Although it was an extremely popular show in its day, MTV's The Hills is also infamous for some of the unfortunate contributions it ended up making to the celebrity world-- namely, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. But don't hold that against Audrina Patridge, who has been able to parlay her Hills role into a fairly respectable career in acting, modeling, and TV show hosting.

Among the misses in Audrina's post-Hills career was her self-titled reality show, which only lasted for two months in 2011. On the plus side, it introduced the world to Audrina's sister, Casey Loza, who takes everything that makes Audrina attractive and turns up the heat.

Casey is Audrina's younger, edgier, sultrier, more tatted-up sibling, and it's easy to stop paying any attention to Audrina at all when Casey is anywhere in the vicinity.

2 Matt Smith -- Laura Jayne Smith

Matt Smith will likely always be best-known as the 11th Doctor, a half-blessing/half-curse bestowed upon anyone who takes on the iconic role for any length of time. But the actor was prolific before that breakthrough role and his stayed busy since-- most notably with his roles in historical Netflic drama The Crown and playing Skynet itself in Terminator Genisys.

The actor's other significant role, however, is that of brother to stunning cabaret dancer Laura Jayne Smith. Known under the stage name "Princess Girly" and the lead in her very own cabaret group, Laura has said in interviews that it was she who convinced Matt to give acting a serious try after an injury dashed his dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Apparently, she has wisdom to match her looks.

1 The Skarsgård Brothers -- Eija Skarsgård

The Hemsworths. The Francos. The Baldwins. . The celebrity world has no shortage of superstar brothers who are plenty hot on their own, but absolutely burn the place down whenever they are together. And some would argue that no group of famous brothers quicken heartbeats quite like the Skarsgårds, especially Alexander, Gustav, Bill, and Valter. Oh, and their pops, Stellan, isn't so bad-looking himself.

What does being a female mean in the Skarsgård bloodline? One only needs to look at the Skarsgård boys' 26-year-old model sister, Eija, to see that the family DNA is actually even kinder to the women of the brood. Eija has said that she has no plans to pursue an acting career because her family is already well-represented in that field, which is fine-- being a model suits the Swedish beauty perfectly anyway.


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