16Lisa Bonet - The Cosby Show/A Different World

Lisa Bonet The Cosby Show Angel Heart

Because of her character's wry, bohemian demeanor, Denise was a fan favorite on The Cosby Show. Cosby was already steamed at Bonet for doing a love scene in the Mickey Rourke drama, Angel Heart. This prompted Cosby to ship Denise off to “College” on the spin-off, A Different World.

But when 23-year-old

Bonet decided to start a family with her then-husband Lenny Kravitz, the controlling Cosby patriarch reportedly felt that a baby for Denise would further disrupt the wholesome family image he had cultivated. Though A Different World showrunner Debbie Allen suggested that Bonet’s pregnancy would make a relatable story arc for Denise, Cosby disagreed. Denise dropped out of college and Cosby gradually wrote her out of the Huxtable universe.

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