15Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are unconventional in their art, so it stands to reason that their marriage would follow suit. Even before getting hitched, the Dresden Dolls front-woman and the fantasy author always saw eye-to-eye on monogamy (or lack thereof). Palmer has said, “I've never been comfortable in a

monogamous relationship in my life. I feel like I was built for open relationships just because of the way I function.” But they approach it with a pragmatism that ensures equality and respect. "We would not allow another relationship to imperil what we have," said Gaiman.

However, they shelved the polyamory after the 2015 birth of their son. Said Gaiman, “Right now it’s kind of moot [because we are] sharing a bedroom with a two-year-old who’s just figured out how to get out of his crib.”

They will revisit things once everyone’s sleeping through the night.

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