15 Stars Caught In Huge Lies They Couldn't Get Out Of

Everybody lies, but some people are better at getting away with it than others. If a baker gets caught lying, the country doesn't find out and no one cares. But if a celebrity is caught in the middle of a lie, the media turns the matter into a full-fledged event. Even though everyone's mothers told them to tell the truth,we all think we can get away with lying occasionally. This list doesn't even include all the celebrities who were caught lying about their age, like Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, and Eminem.

Instead of coming clean, the fifteen celebrities on this list thought they could cover their tracks and fib to the public. Perhaps these stories can serve as a good reminder that no one is safe from having a lie smack them in the face. Nobody had their entire careers ruined on this list as a result of lying, but there are consequences for everybody. Once someone loses their trust with the public or their potential business partners, it can be hard to regain favor and persuade people that they are being truthful.

With all that said, come learn about 15 Stars Caught In Huge Lies They Couldn't Get Out Of!

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The White Stripes
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15 The White Stripes - "We're Brother and Sister"

The White Stripes

The White Stripes took the alternative rock scene by storm when they started to gain a big name for themselves in 2002. A two-person band, Meg plays the drums and performs backup vocals while Jack handles lead vocals, guitar, and songwriting. Even before the band became popular, the two of them claimed to be a brother and sister duo.

In 2001, it was revealed that the two had indeed married in 1996 and that's why they shared the last name White. Even stranger, the two divorced in 2000 and still decided to tour together and tell people they were siblings until they were found out. Jack told Rolling Stone they thought the public wouldn't care about music from a couple and that pretending to be siblings would help draw in new fans.

14 Louie CK Said It Didn't Happen

In recent months, allegations of assault and misconduct have spread around Hollywood and various industries like wildfire. Among those who have been called out for inappropriate actions from the past is comedian Louie CK. While he recently came forward with an apology letter and admitted that he had acted inappropriately in the past after multiple women came forward, he has denied his actions in the past.

Talking to Vulture in 2016, CK straight up said "That's nothing to me; That's not real." Many of his fans may have taken him at his word back then, but the last few months have proven that he lied. While it makes sense CK would have wanted to deny the claims, he went a little far by straight-up saying these events weren't real because clearly multiple women beg to differ.

13 Lindsay Lohan Said She Wasn't Driving

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan perfectly fits the mold of a child star who can't adjust to adult life. The Parent Trap starlet has grown up to have quite a few legal problems. She's been accused of punching a woman in the face at a club and has had numerous stints in rehab, but usually she's pretty honest about her indiscretions.

In 2007, though, she was pulled over for drunk driving, but in 2012 things got even worse for her. In 2012, she crashed her car into the back of a semi-truck on PCH, but she told police that she was just a passenger as her assistant did he driving. The police informed TMZ that she was indeed lying and her assistant even came forward and said Lohan  had been driving.

12 Brian Williams And The Helicopter Battle

Brian Williams was one of the biggest anchors in the news business and had a reputation for being trustworthy. Everything changed for the newsman in 2015 when Williams was suspended by NBC for a fictitious story about his helicopter coming under fire while covering the war in Iraq 12 years earlier. Calling him out, Deborah Turness, the president of NBC News, called it "Wrong and completely inappropriate" and shamed him for failing in his "responsibility to be truthful [...] at all times."

Believing that his helicopter had been shot without verifying the facts, Williams spread the misinformation on TV. He later told Stars and Stripes that he simply assumed his copter had been shot because they made an unexpected landing alongside a helicopter that actually was hit. Williams may be back on MSNBC now, but his career will never hit the same highs that it did before the scandal.

11 Beyoncé Claims To Have Written Irreplaceable

There's no denying Queen B is one of the biggest stars in the world. The pop- star is even set to play Nala in the upcoming live-action remake of The Lion King, but that doesn't make her immune to being caught in a lie.

In 2006, Beyoncé released a song called "Irreplaceable" on her second solo album. She even claimed to write the song and told the public that, despite the fact that Ne-Yo actually wrote it. In 2012, Ne-Yo said he gave her a songwriter credit because she did think up a few of the harmonies, but he wrote the core bits.

Beyonce has been called out for claiming more writers credits than she deserves. Linda Perry, who's written songs for Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera, called her out in a Reddit AMA for "[taking] a cut just because they are who they are."

10 P. Diddy Claimed To Own A Private Jet

In one of his own personal video blogs, P. Diddy can be seen complaining about the high cost of gas and how it's becoming too expensive for him to fly his plane. Typical rich guy problem. Diddy is known for flaunting his wealth and there was nothing out of character about the video.

It turns out, however, that Sean Combs, who often ranks among the highest paid celebrities on Forbes, doesn't actually own his own plane.  His publicist later said he owns a fraction of a jet, but that seems like a poor cover-up. Combs is clearly a rich guy and can afford to a private jet whenever he wants, so there's no real reason to lie and say he owns his own plane.

9 Chris Brown Claims To Forget Hitting Rihanna

In 2007, Chris Brown was the biggest pop star in the world. With songs like "Kiss Kiss" and "Wall to Wall", it seemed like Brown could do no wrong. That is, until he did something absolutely wrong. In 2009, he pled guilty to beating Rihanna in a car the night before the Grammys. The two broke up and leaked pictures of how badly Rihanna had been beaten turned the public against Brown.

Brown told Larry King in a 2009 interview that he didn't remember the events and "that's not who [he is] as a person." Despite insisting that he wasn't a violent person, CNN found a probation report that said the couple had two abusive episodes in the past.

For some reason, the incident has been widely swept under the rug as Brown has come back into public favor and even had a few guest appearances on the family-friendly Black-ish.

8 Brandy Fakes A Wedding To Preserve Her Image

Young stars are often put under a lot of pressure to maintain a clean image. Brandy first broke out with a role in the ABC sitcom Thea and made her name as an R&B singer in the early '90s. Her film career took off when she was chosen to play Cinderella in the two-hour Wonderful World of Disney special that was produced by Whitney Houston and she later appeared in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Osmosis Jones.

Back in 2002, when Brandy publicly announced that she was pregnant, she revealed that her and baby daddy Robert Smith secretly married in 2001. While everyone believed her at first, Smith later revealed that the two never legally wed. They just pretended to do that to preserve her image.

7 Britney Spears Said She Was Abstinent

The biggest female pop star of the nineties, Britney Spears had a squeaky clean image. She may have sung "Oops, I Did it Again", but she was also an alumni of the Mickey Mouse club who cared about how people perceived her. At one point, she and Justin Timberlake were dating and they were one of the biggest couples in Hollywood. She told people she was in love with Timberlake, but that she wanted to wait to have sex until the two were married.

Ultimately, Timberlake came clean in an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20 after the two broke up about their sexual history. Even though she claimed she wanted to wait until she was married, he revealed the young couple did indeed do the deed. Did no one teach him "you don't kiss and tell"?

6 Steve Rannazzisi Said He Was at the World Trade Center on 9/11

Steve Rannazzisi, a stand up comic and one of the stars of FX's The League, credits much of his early success with his decision to move out to Los Angeles after the 9/11 attacks. Rannazzisi told people that he was in the Tower 1 working for Merill Lynch during the attack, and he said he even still has "those falling dreams" as a side-effect of his fear.

That story was treated as fact for years, but the New York Times confronted the actor in 2015 with proof that he was lying. It turns out the actor had been working in Midtown that day, not even for Merill Lynch, and had never worked in either tower. Describing his own behavior as "inexcusable" in a statement, he said he was "truly, truly sorry."

5 Rick Ross - Correctional Officer Extraordinaire

Celebrity Lies

Rick Ross built up his reputation on being a gangster with a rough, crime-filled past. He's spent time in jail for assault and almost had to serve this year in relation to a kidnapping case, but he actually used to work as a correctional officer.

When a photo of him in his uniform hit the internet in 2008, he originally blamed "online hackers" and said they put his face on someone else's body. Despite his denial, Rolling Stone discovered that Ross did actually work for the Department of Corrections.

His lyrics claim that he used to sell drugs on the street before rapping, but it turns out he was actually watching drug dealers in prison instead of running with them in the streets.

4 Kim Kardashian Denied The Tape

Kim Kardashian

It's hard to recall it now, but there was a time where Kim Kardashian wasn't the most famous person on the planet. In the last few years, the Kardashian clan have become the queens of Hollywood and it all leads back to Kim's adult tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray J.

Back in 2007, Kardashian took part in her first ever magazine photo shoot and interview with Complex. When she was asked about the now infamous tape, she told them "There is no sex tape!" Well, history begs to differ. The Kardashian clan may still have taken over the world if there actually hadn't been a video, but the buzz the video placed around the family led to them having their own E! network show and product lines down the line.

3 Lance Armstrong Doesn't Do Drugs

Ciclismo 2012 - Caso Lance Armstrong Doping - BettiniPhoto©2012

Skateboarding has Tony Hawk and cycling had Lance Armstrong. The only cyclist to have won the Tour de France seven consecutive times, Armstrong was one of the biggest public figures in the world during the early 2000s. A big source of public inspiration due to the fact that he set all his records after overcoming testicular cancer. He founded the Livestrong foundation to support other cancer survivors and invest in research.

His reputation slipped through his fingertips when his old promise that he didn't do steroids came back to bite him in the butt. The US Anti-Doping Agency came forward and tied him to a crazy doping scheme that helped him avoid being noticed earlier. He has since been banned from competing in cycling competitions and the Olympics.

2 Martha Stewart Caught Insider Trading

Celebrity Lies

For young viewers, Martha Stewart may just be the person who hangs with Snoop Dogg for Vh1, but she's so much more. One of the most successful businesswomen in the country, Stewart got into some trouble in 2001 when she sold her 4,000 shares in ImClone. While she insists there was a previously made agreement to sell when the value hit $60 a share, she was accused of insider trading and lying to shareholders.

Stewart was friends with the owner of the company, Sam Waksal, and learned that one of the company's cancer-fighting drugs was rejected by the FDA. Hoping to save herself money before the stock crashed, she sold her assets but had to spend five months in jail in addition to being on probation for two years.

1 Tonya Harding Denies Hiring a Hitman

Sometimes life can be more dramatic than a soap opera. In 1984, Nancy Kerrigan, a successful figure skater, was beaten after competing in the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships. Tonya Harding, her main rival and the first American woman to ever land a triple axel, became an immediate suspect because she had the most to gain as the two competed for an Olympic spot.

Initially, Harding denied any role in the attack, but her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly implicated her in interviews with the FBI and insisted she was in on it from the beginning. Despite being caught, Harding went on to skate in the 1984 Olympics.

The events are so strange and dramatic that they are being depicted for the big screen this year with I, Tonya, starring Margot Robbie.


What's the worst celebrity lie you've ever heard of? Sound off in the comment section below!

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