DC's Stargirl Potentially Adding More Justice Society of America Members

Stargirl and Justice Society of America by Alex Ross

A new casting breakdown for Stargirl suggests that more members of the Justice Society of America (JSA) will be joining the show's cast. First announced as being produced for DC Universe at San Diego Comic Con 2018, the upcoming show is shaping up to be another smash hit for the new streaming service. The show is currently scheduled to premiere some time in September 2019.

The series will focus upon Courtney Whitmore - a typical 15-year-old California girl who is forcibly relocated to the small town of Blue Valley, Nebraska after her mother remarries. The show's synopsis suggests the story of the show will stay close to Courtney's origins in the original Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comic books, which introduced Stargirl into the world of DC Comics. This is hardly a surprise given that the show is being produced by Geoff Johns - the legendary comic book writer who co-created Courtney Whitmore's character and co-wrote the JSA comic book series in which Courtney joined the team.

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That Hashtag Show reported on the latest casting breakdowns for Stargirl, which included several characters who might be members of the Justice Society of America. Previous casting announcements confirmed that several members of the JSA will be appearing in the new show. These include Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Hourman/Rex Tyler, Henry Thomas as Dr. Midnite/Dr. Charles McNider and Joel McHale as Courtney's predecessor Starman/Sylvester Pemberton.

Justice Society of America

The chief point of interest in the new casting announcement is the listing of a married couple, Sean and Ali Miller. Sean is described as an athletic Caucasian male in his 40s and an uber-jock, who runs the local trophy shop in Blue Valley and takes pride in selling only first place trophies. Ali is described as an Asian-American woman in her 40s, who is a gym teacher at the local high-school and an energetic, amusing soccer mom. The two are intensely devoted to their young daughter, Kerri, who is the school's star athlete. It is believed that Sean and Ali may be the JSA members Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, which would make their child the future hero Jesse Quick.

The casting announcement goes on to list another recurring hero character named Arthur Matlock. Described as "a powerful man, both through physique, mind, and heart," Arthur is said to be a kind-hearted man who is not afraid to use his fists to solve problems if needed. Married to a woman named Ruth with a son named Ben, "Arthur Matlock" could be either Alan Scott/Green Lantern or Al Pratt/The Atom. The later seems more likely, however, given Pratt's reputation as a brawler in the comics.

Whoever these characters ultimately turn out to be, Courtney Whitmore will certainly need some experienced help to cope with the new villains the casting announcement also hints at. One of these, "Scott Weber", is described as a vicious telepath who is still a loving father to his son. This would seem to be a nod to the classic JSA villain Brain Wave. The show will also feature a mad scientist called "Dr. Draven", who hides his face behind a mask and conducts horrible experiments on innocent people. It is believed this could be an adaptation of the JSA villain Johnny Sorrow, despite Sorrow having been a magical villain rather than a mad-scientist. The truth of this will hopefully be revealed before Stargirl airs on DC Universe next fall.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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