Stargate Universe: Webisodes & Reassurances

They weren't kidding when they said they were looking to make webisodes for Stargate Universe (SGU).  Actually, they're making 30 web episode shorts and they're all going to be tied into the story line of the show as it develops.

They won't be deleted scenes, but actual additional footage that adds to what we will be seeing on television.  The webisodes will be available on and other sites, being made available as SGU nears its premiere date.

Despite Stargate Universe utilizing a different format than we're accustomed to, being a ship centric story and having a different premise around the Stargate itself as well as the inability to get home, Lou Diamond Phillips said recently that the show will still focus on the combination of a civilian and military co-existence, focused on exploration, much like its predecessors Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

They're looking to create a character driven story based around the dynamics between the people involved in the situation.

About The Show

Stargate Universe follows a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians who find they need to fend for themselves when they are forced through a Stargate to an unknown address because of an attack on their base. The survivors emerge aboard one of the Ancient's ships, the Destiny, that is locked on an unknown course and they are unable to return to Earth.

Phillips plays a lifelong military man who is the chosen leader of the ill-fated expedition.  Phillips has given us a bit of sneak peak into the oddness of his how his character, Col. Telford, will work on the show - His character will be stuck on Earth and will use ancient technology to exchange bodies with people on the ship as he tries to guide the rag tag group of survivors home.

What Do We Think?

This body switching bit is a new twist of sorts.  It also leaves a ton of room to have old characters make appearances on the show, though I doubt that will happen too often.

When I first heard of Stargate Universe, I was thinking this should be fine as a stand alone type show that's headed in a new direction.  Survivors stranded in space, trying to figure out how to survive.  But for me, if they're going to now have direct communications with Earth, I have to wonder out-loud, if the showrunners aren't trying to cover their tracks as they continually try to reassure us that the show will be the same while it's still different?

As far as a lot of Screen Rant readers are concerned, they should have stuck with Stargate Atlantis for at least another season or more.  So from what I see with their new filming techniques, character driven methodologies and such, I feel like they're saying that they're moving the mythos on but on a smaller budget of sorts.

I have the faith that Brad Wright and Robert Cooper will deliver.  They always have.  So I'm giving it the chance I feel it deserves.  For now.

Stargate Universe will debut on October 2nd with a 2-hour premiere.

Sources:  Gateworld, Sci-Fi Wire

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