Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer

stargate universe season 2 trailer

The next chapter of the long-lasting Stargate franchise is set to begin next week with season 2 of Stargate Universe. Bringing back all of our favorite survivors, lost millions of lightyears away from home, and adding many other characters to the show, both new and old, SGU is set to take fans on a wild ride as we step deeper in to the mysteries of the Ancient ship, Destiny.

The official Stargate Season 2 full-length trailer was released today and it provides all of the reasons you need to understand why the show is back and better than ever.

The first minute and a bit recap scenes from the first season, showing many of the key moments of the journey so far. From discovering a new alien species, to almost dying on several of their planetary missions, the Stargate Universe crew must face a whole new level of danger in season 2.

Here is the official trailer for Stargate Universe season 2:

[media id=247 width=570 height=340]

A lot more action and a lot more intensity is what we can expect from season 2 of SGU and the best part of it all is that this is but a taste of what's to come. All of what is shown here doesn't even happen in the first two episodes of the season so there will be plenty of story set-up and character introductions that will help you piece together some of what can be seen in this preview.

From this trailer along we see several plot threads to be explored this season along with a few seemingly major moments:

  • Dr. Rush uncovering more of the Destiny's mission and of course keeping it to himself.
  • Chloe transforming into what seems to be an alien.
  • The Lucian Alliance on board the destiny, attempting to take it over.
  • Encountering a second Ancient ship (and one exploding?).

With all of the guest stars playing new and familiar characters in Stargate Universe this season, there is a lot of story to be told and much more to learn about the Destiny, its mission and what its new unintended crew members. If you aren't watching SGU, you need to start.

stargate universe season 2 cast

Created by Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright, SGU stars Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, David Blue as Eli Wallace, Justin Louis as Colonel Everett Young, Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott, Alaina Huffman as Lt. Tamara Johansen, Jamil Walker Smith as Master Sgt. Ronald Greer, Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong, Ming-Na as Camile Wray and Lou Diamond Phillips as Colonel David Telford.

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Stargate Universe season 2 premieres next Tuesday, September 28th on Syfy. Stay tuned in to Screen Rant for our review of the premiere next week!

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