Stargate Universe 2nd Episode Ratings Improve

Last Friday's episode of Stargate Universe, titled "Air," came into the ratings market pretty strong for the second week in a row. This second episode actually had a 4% increase in viewers over the previous week's premiere, bringing the total viewers of the new series to around 2.5 million.

This week, these numbers reflected those who watched the show live, and DVR numbers from the same day it aired. If we take these numbers for granted, right now the show is doing well and may very well march right on to a successful premiere season.

But that's the domestic front...

Internationally, Stargate Universe is plowing along with a strong head of steam... or wormhole power.

  • Biggest “Stargate” Audience in Almost Five Years – UK
  • Highest Rated Single Episode Ever – Canada
  • One of the Highest Rated Shows for the Week on Pay Television – Australia

According to MGM press, "Stargate Universe (SGU) is on the fast track to becoming the most successful installment in Stargate franchise history."

In the U.S., SGU debuted on Syfy with more than 2.3 million viewers.

In Canada, it premiered on SPACE with a record breaking audience of 565,000.  That made it SPACE’s highest rated single episode ever and was the #1 non-sports specialty program of the day for Adults 25-54 and A18-49.

In the UK, Launching on Sky1, SGU brought in 1,042,000 viewers for the first part and 961,000 for the second episode of the 2-part premiere. This gave the network the biggest Stargate audience in almost five years.

In Australia, SGU was the best performing show on the Sci-Fi pay television platform.  It posted a 6.4% share which equated to an increase of 411% in the time slot (Fridays 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.) that it aired.

The Hype Pays Off

The hype has created the fanfare that MGM had hoped for. What we need to see now is if it maintains this kind of viewer ratings deep into the season.

I think it will as it pulls in new viewers while upsetting some old-school franchise fans. Like any new show, it has to get past its growing pains and find its feet. If it does that and survives the 1st season acclimation hurdle, I think MGM will have itself another well performing hit on its hands.

Yet, as I always say, time will be the telling factor in all things.

Source: Sci Fi Wire, MGM Press

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