Stargate Universe Might Be Good (Plus Some SG Comic News)

Somehow Syfy overlooked me when they sent out their screeners for Stargate Universe, so I have to live vicariously through others.  More importantly, I need to convey to you, the selective Screen Rant readers, what I've learned about the show.

From what I'm reading from sites I trust, Stargate Universe is not going to disappoint when it lands in our living rooms.  That does not surprise me, since Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright have been successfully bringing us 15 years of Stargate.  They know what they're doing.

So, despite our dour first take on the marketing efforts, we might just end up pleasantly surprised.

Syfy has finally put up a website for the show at Stargate Universe (click the link to see the page), which gives us plenty of time to look things over while we wait for Stargate Universe to premiere on Syfy on October 2nd.

Stargate Comic Tidbit:

If you're also a comic book fan, Dynamite Entertainment will be debuting it's anthology comic, Stargate #0, in October.

The comic will contain stories from Stargate Universe, SG-1 and Atlantis.  The 3 tales will spin-off into their own ongoing titles after that.

The Atlantis title picks up where the series finale left off.  The Universe title will be tied into the TV series and SG-1, they claim, will be a glimpse into the near future, and will make us say "What?"

I Have A Question:

I have to wonder - do comics really translate into something you like to follow when it's associated to a show you like?  They don't really do it for me.  When I like a show, I like it for the actors and the story.  To see an actor's likeness in a comic book is OK for me, but doesn't transcend my barrier of enjoyment enough to get me to pick up an issue.  Curiosity will get me to consider an issue or two, but really, is it the same thing?

Let me know what you think about the comics, or the reviews of Stargate Universe.

Sources:  io9, Airlock Alpha on Twitter, Digital Spy

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