Stargate Universe Premiere Overnight Rating Numbers

We've been discussing our experiences about the Stargate Universe premiere in our review and discussion thread on Friday's episode and I've been enjoying the different perspectives and thoughts on the premiere..

Now, we finally have some ratings numbers for the newest chapter in the Stargate franchise and they prove interesting at best.

Stargate Universe overnight numbers drew in just over 2.3 million viewers, helping the newly renamed Syfy network continue its trend of hitting worthy ratings numbers for a ...  for cable outlets.

From these estimated 2.3 million viewers, 1.1 million viewers were adults 18-49.  That's less than half of the estimated total viewers out there that are between 18-49.  That leaves a lot of numbers outside that bracket!

What has been noted is that this premiere was the best performing Stargate franchise season premiere since the 2nd season of Stargate Atlantis in 2005.

I found it interesting that in the Syfy press release, they tossed out there that SGU's 2.3 million viewer numbers beat out Dollhouse's 2.1 million viewers for Friday night.  As it stands, the 2.3 million mark from Stargate Universe (Starring Robert Carlyle) overshadowed previous premieres of Stargate SG-1's 10th season & Stargate Atlantis 3rd, 4th & 5th season premieres.  Of course, those were continuation premieres of established series' as opposed to this being a brand new chapter for the franchise.

My presumption is that these premiere numbers for SGU included franchise fans and new, curious fans.  Now, we wait and see how the show does in holding those 2 million viewers over the next several weeks.

Source: TV By The Numbers

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