Stargate Universe Discussion: 'Air' Part 3

This is a short follow up to the second  episode of Stargate Universe (SGU). The 2-hour premiere of SGU was counted as 2 episodes. That's why last night's (Friday, October 10th) episode, 'Air', is noted as part 3.

Without much character development needed in this episode after what was established in the premiere, the story moved forward and I found the pace of this episode a bit easier and more enjoyable to follow.

If people came back to give the show a second chance, I think they will be pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the episode this week and thought it was much more engaging and worth my while.

There are some form of SPOILERS following the break, so be warned.

Stargate Universe expounded on the use of the communication stones and it was odd trying to wrap your mind around the idea of the character we were seeing actually being in a different body. It looks like we will have ample opportunity to see the operations on Earth, if the creative forces behind the show do indeed employ the stones more often.

Though we know the crew only has 12 hours to go off-ship when the Destiny stops, I felt it was awful early on in the series to see how the teams will be constantly rushing against the clock.

Now tell me, if Dr. Rush had asked you to stick your arm in the event horizon in the hopes of engaging a safety feature of the ship, would you have just told him to do it himself? I'm just saying.

My new hero: Now tell me that Msgt Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) isn't your new hero, the way he was kicking Dr. Rush around on the planet? LOL. Sure, he might be a little off his logic-rocker, but I'll give him this one, for now.

I found it fascinating that when the Destiny drops out of FTL flight, it knows what Stargates are safe and not by locking out the dangerous addresses.  Though the crew found a work-around and it seems we lost 2 crew members as they disregarded the idea of a dangerous gate address.

We also have a new mystery of sorts to look forward to in Stargate Universe - Anyone notice the blue shuttle / ball / probe thingy launch itself off the ship while the Destiny was in FTL?  Any thoughts on what that was?  I have an idea but I'll share later on in the comments!

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