Comic Con 2010: Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe Comic Con 2010

When SyFy announced that it would be continuing the Stargate saga focusing on more drama than action, fans everywhere were lamenting the decision. They were afraid that the series would stop being filled with lots of action and comedy and become something droll and mundane.

To some degree, most of those fears were confirmed as the producers and writers of Stargate Universe (SGU) did indeed drop the action and much of the light-hearted comedy that the show's fans had come to expect and enjoy.This, however, wasn't a bad thing as it turns out, because the show pressed on with good story lines, great acting and more intrigue and drama, which is why SyFy has picked the show up for a second season and from what I heard from the actors during the interview process, a third season is all but confirmed as well.

I wasn't able to make it into the the Ballroom to enjoy the public panel event because after waiting in line for 2 hours I was unable to get it. Note to the Comic-Con organizers - next year put the really popular shows that people know about in the massive Hall H and put the movies no one has even heard of in Ballroom 20!

I got to spend time with David Blue (Eli Wallace), Ming Na (Camile Wray) and Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) and each had some great insights and info regarding themselves, their characters and the direction the show is taking.

Stargate Universe Comic Con David Blue

David Blue is pretty much just a big sci-fi geek like the rest of us and still thinks about playing with his Magic the Gathering cards on a regular basis. His dad worked at Radio Shack and got him a Tandy 1000, which he used to run a bulletin board system for awhile - so yeah I think he falls into the geek category nicely.

In a line that was used throughout each interview Blue said that "Sci-fi fans are some of the smartest fans in the world." I know he's just pandering to the audience but to a some extent he is correct. I think "smart" in this case just means observent because Lord help the creator of a sci-fi show who doesn't do his physics homework when creating a show.

Stargate Universe Comic Con Ming Na

I'm not usually a fan of Ming Na work and such is the case with SGU but I think I'm more put-off by her character than I am her acting. I'm not referring to the fact that her character is a lesbian, but rather how the writers tried to make her a strong cunning female presence that plays both sides of the field. I asked her, however, if playing a lesbian character was a challenge for her since she is not herself a lesbian and if she had any reservations about it:

"I had some reservations about it because I wasn't sure how they were going to write that character and what would come out of that particular character choice.But after speaking to Robert Cooper and Brad Wright I felt really comfortable that they were going to give her a great deal of respect and thought and it wasn't just going to be eye candy with two girls getting in on."

Half-joking I followed up by asking if we would see more of the girls "getting it on" and she said "Well maybe in season 3 after I've loosened up a bit." So is there a third season already planned? :-) You're guess is as good as mine. Na could have been talking out of her rear, but I have a feeling that meetings have already taken place and storylines have been discussed at this point and we could very well see more of what she is talking about in 2012.

Stargate Universe Comic Con Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle (The Tournament) was only slightly more forthcoming with upcoming information regarding the show and said that in the first season of SGU, the crew didn't really know what they were doing up there but that everything will be revealed in season 2 regarding their purpose on the ship Destiny. He also said that the name of the ship has a lot to do with the story arc of this season and will lead up to a great season 2 ender. He wouldn't go into details but promised that fans of the show would very much enjoy season 2 because relationships are explored a little more deeply between several of the ships crew, including Eli and Chloe.

Season 2 of Stargate Universe starts September 28th, 2010 on the SyFy channel.

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