Exclusive: Stargate Universe Images & Video For "Awakening"

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On last week's episode of Stargate Universe, Rush proves that he has learned how to control the Destiny but keeps that as a secret to pursue his own goals while being haunted by visions of his wife; Riley is trapped but his suffering is mercifully ended by Colonel Young and the Lucian Alliance prisoners are exiled to a habitable planet while some are kept for strategic purposes.

And to top it off, we're left with a cliffhanger situation where the Destiny finds itself on a collision course with a celestial body. Take a look at our exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow's episode, titled "Awakening," with two images and a behind-the-scenes video of Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott) talks about shooting stunt and visual effects heavy sequences.

In tomorrow's episode, the crew aboard the destiny encounter another Ancient starship and continue on their apparent path of destruction. Here are two stills taken from "Awakening" which feature a new alien species that you may have noticed from the Stargate Universe season 2 trailer or clips. The other image features fan-favorite Master Sgt. Ronald Greer sporting a rifle to likely hunt down what may be our new alien friend:

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Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes video featuring Brian J. Smith, followed by a clip for tomorrow's episode.

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I look forward to seeing how Rush's plans unfold and what will come of the guest stars aboard the Destiny playing captive Lucian Alliance members. "Awakening" is the third episode of season 2 and if you missed it, be sure to read our review of Stargate Universe's season 2 premiere to find out why this could be some of the best TV yet from the Stargate franchise.

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