Syfy Renews Stargate Universe For a 2nd Season

Knowing how everyone is in love with Stargate Universe, I thought I'd share the news that Syfy has given the green light for a 2nd season of  SGU.  It's a 20 episode order...  Please, stay calm folks.

Right now SGU is in a very long mid-season break.  It won't return until April, so you have time to recover from the shell-shock you've been put through so far!

Screen Rant readers are not alone in their emotional angst about the show - that fact has been evidenced in previous SGU articles we've posted.  SGU is a controversial issue with fans that have come along for a 15-year ride of Stargate and it has been noted that many aren't too happy with this dramatic change of pace.  (Would that be an understatement?)

Despite the core audience being tossed around by this new approach, it doesn't sound like the showrunners are looking to change it any time soon.  At least if you go by this quote:

"We're dealing with 15 seasons of expectations with a certain fanbase," executive producer Robert Cooper said. "Hopefully, as the show goes on, people will appreciate 'Universe' for being its own thing."

In case you can't wait for any insights, they said that now that we know things about the characters, the show will become more serialized and we'll see more situations on the ship as opposed to the attempted dramatic injections of Earth-based drama.

We're also going to finally get to see a full-bodied alien!  See, now we're talking!  But of course they say the aliens are going to be along the lines of a District 9-like alien.

Why do they have to keep saying things like that?  They've compared their show against other shows and now they're comparing their aliens to popular movie aliens.  Why oh why do they have to keep drawing comparisons to other successful shows instead of actually trying to be their own personality?  Grr.

Aside from that, what is going to be interesting is that in the 2nd part of this 1st season, which they're now taping, the crew is going to become decisively divided about what Young (Justin Louis) did to Rush (Robert Carlyle).

Hehe...  that was one of the best things to happen to that man.  You'd think he'd learn.  He's been beat down by Greer, and now Young.  Who's next?

Dare I ask how Screen Rant readers are feeling about another exciting, 20-episode season of Stargate Universe?  (I've ducked and covered...  let 'er rip!)

Source:  THR

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