Stargate SG-1 Already Done In The UK

I'm really confused (nothing new, right?). According to some comments on my Stargate SG-1 Ends post it seems our friends across the pond in the UK have already seen the rest of the final season including the finale.

No disrespect to our British friends (hi Richard!), but why has an American-produced TV show already aired over there, while here in the US it's been so long since a new episode has been broadcast that I've almost forgotten it's even coming back? Generally they get our shows much later than we do and we get their shows (for example Dr Who) an entire season behind the broadcast over there.

Just seems odd to me, is all.

BTW, from what I've read so far folks are not happy about the entire series ending with a cliffhanger that will be resolved in a straight-to-DVD movie.

Sorry guys, but that is just plain tacky in my opinion.

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