Stargate Origins Trailer & Series Premiere Date Revealed

MGM has released a new trailer for the digital TV series Stargate Origins. They've also confirmed that the series will premiere online in February 2018.

In September this year, MGM launched the new Stargate Command site. This is the new digital platform for all things Stargate, and it's the future home of the new Stargate Origins series. Origins will be a 10-episode series, with each episode lasting only 10 minutes. It will be set in 1928, and will see Australian actress Ellie Gall play the young Catherine Langford.

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MGM has released a thrilling new trailer, and confirmed the February 15, 2018 release. The series is set shortly after the discovery of the Stargate. It seems Catherine's father didn't only discover the Stargate, he also managed to open the wormhole. The trailer appears to be set in both Egypt and the desert planet Abydos, which makes sense from a filming perspective. It's also a pleasant nod to the Stargate movie.

Stargate Origins Poster Art

But why would Catherine Halsey keep her first journey through the Stargate a secret, even decades later? It's too soon to say, but the reality is that these journeys are desperately dangerous. Back in 1928, Ra was still absolute ruler of Abydos, viewed as a god who drove his slaves to mine for naquadah. Catherine and her father are in grave danger on Abydos. Worse still, if Ra should learn that the Stargate on Earth has been uncovered, he would undoubtedly use it to launch an invasion.

Back on Earth, the discovery of the Stargate's potential would change the unstable dynamic of world power. This was a troubled time, with the Great Depression bringing nations low. Over in Germany, Nazism was growing in power and influence. It's a matter of science fiction legend that Hitler was always fascinated with the kind of ancient mysticism Stargate roots in the Goa'uld. No doubt the Nazis would be fascinated by the potential of the Stargate, and would seek it out with excitement.

Whatever the reason may be for Catherine's secrecy, the Stargate will ultimately end up in the United States. By 1945, Catherine's father would be experimenting with the Gate in the US, and would successfully open a portal to the world of Heliopolis. Unfortunately, Catherine's love Ernest Littlefield would become stranded on this barren, storm-tossed planet. With Ernest believed dead, the Stargate project would be shelves for decades.

How will writers Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry weave Stargate Origins into the overarching continuity of the Stargate universe? It seems the answers will begin to be revealed next year.

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Stargate Origins premieres February 15th, 2018 on Stargate Command.

Source: Stargate Command

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