Stargate Returning as Digital Prequel Series Stargate Origins

After six years, Stargate will finally get another spin-off series, a prequel titled Stargate: Origins that's set to launch digitally.

After six years, Stargate will finally get another spin-off series, titled Stargate Origins. Details are thin, but the announcement was made today at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 to a small audience in honor of the 20th anniversary of Stargate SG-1. The show was announced with a teaser trailer from MGM.

The 10-episode series will launch on Stargate Command, a new digital platform created for exclusive Stargate content. Reportedly set in 1928, the show will focus on Catherine Langford, a character who appeared in Stargate SG-1. Stargate Origins will explore a new chapter in the character's life, and will take her on an "unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness."

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The teaser trailer shows the Stargate being unearthed in Egypt. This was the moment that set in motion the events that led to the founding of the Stargate Program. Also featured in the trailer is a young Catherine holding a strange necklace, which fans will identify as the Medallion of Ra, a mysterious relic that Catherine wore for the rest of her life.

Kevin Conroy, President of Digital & New Platforms at MGM, says that MGM has been eager to create a story that would honor the mythos of Stargate. Conroy also spoke of their intention to treat their loyal fans:

We view Stargate: Origins as a thank you to fans who have been keeping the spirit of the franchise alive for nearly 25 years. With the increasing popularity of digitally native content that can be streamed to any device, MGM is committed to the production of premium linear mid-form content and are proud to launch with Stargate Origins.

The show will be directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan and written by Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry. No casting has been announced for any of the characters, including the protagonist, Catherine Langford.

The character of Catherine Langford has been played by multiple actresses of different ages, in order to show the character at various points of her life. As an old woman, she was played primarily by Elizabeth Hoffman. The character had an integral role in the series, as it was she who hired Daniel Jackson to discover the purpose of the Stargate. One question fans may have about the idea behind the new series is exactly what Langford's role in the show will be. In Stargate SG-1, it was established that Langford didn't understand what the Stargate was or how it worked.

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Stargate: Origins is expected to debut in the fall.

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