Stargate Origins Announces Full Cast

The full cast for Stargate Origins has just been announced. Headlining the cast is Australian actress Ellie Gall as Catherine Langford. Gall will play a younger version of the character that appeared in the SYFY TV series Stargate SG-1.

The popular franchise got its start with the 1994 science fiction film Stargate, starring Kurt Russell. In 1997, Showtime launched Stargate SG-1, where it ran for five seasons before making the move to the Sci-Fi Channel. The series, which lasted for 10 seasons, developed a devoted fan following that helped the franchise attain two spinoffs: Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Atlantis ran for five seasons while Universe only lasted two seasons. The latest attempt to revive the franchise, Stargate Origins, was announced by MGM at Comic-Con International in San Diego this summer. The show will air exclusively on Stargate Command, a digital streaming platform developed specifically for all things Stargate.

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It was first reported by TVLine that Ellie Gall (Lifetime’s A Midsummer’s NightmareAsh vs Evil Dead) has been cast to play the lead role of Catherine Langford in Stargate Origins with Stargate Atlantis actor Connor Trinneer playing her father, Professor Paul Langford. Trinneer played a different character, Michael Kenmore, for ten episodes on Atlantis.

The Langfords were a key part of the mythology behind the Stargate universe, as both characters were heavily involved in the beginnings of the Stargate program. Professor Langford was the archaelogist who found the Stargate in Egypt in 1928. Catherine was there with him when the Stargate was unearthed. Decades later, she hired Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) to discover the purpose of the Stargate. Over the course of the series, Catherine was played by many actresses, but in most of her appearances she was shown as an elderly woman, played by Elizabeth Hoffman.

Gall's version of the character will explore the character's younger days as she works to unlock the mystery of the Stargate in order to save the world from "unimaginable darkness."

Further, Stargate Command has announced the full cast of the series, which includes actors Salome Azizi, Philip Alexander, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Daniel Rashid, Sarah Navratil, Shvan Aladdin, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Derek Chariton, Justin Michael Terry and Lincoln Werner Hoppe. Each episode of Stargate Origins will last 10 minutes, with the first season receiving 10 episodes.

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Stargate Origins will launch later this year on Stargate Command.

Source: TVLineStargate Command

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