WWE Raw: Stardust & King Barrett Send Message To 'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell

Whether you're a fan of The CW's hit series Arrow or a devout follower of WWE Monday Night Raw, you've likely heard about the growing feud between Arrow star Stephen Amell and wrestler Stardust (Cody Rhodes). What started as an entertaining social media feud has grown to outlandish proportions, culminating last week in a short confrontation in the ring.

Stardust has been evolving into a comic book-inspired villain since he joined the WWE, regularly indulging in over-the-top antics and eccentric speeches in between matches. It seemed inevitable that the wrestler would seek out a hero to serve as his counterbalance. Amell proved to be a great choice, playing a television superhero and being a lifelong fan of professional wrestling. The two men have become embroiled in a "real life" comic book conflict, one that is going to be settled in the ring during the 2015 WWE SummerSlam.

In anticipation of the upcoming event, Stardust and his wrestling partner King Barrett released a video message for Stephen Amell (above). Stardust, the Prince of Dark Matter, calls Amell "overzealous" before Barrett takes over. Barrett solidifies their alliance, naming the two men the Lords of Darkness before calling Amell a "maggot." The video ends with Stardust bestowing a new cape upon King Barrett and christening him the Cosmic King.

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