StarCraft Remastered is Getting A Complete Carbot Visual Overhaul in July

Starcraft: Remastered players will soon have a cartoony new visual option for the game, courtesy of an official StarCrafts graphic overhaul pack from CarBot Animations and Blizzard launching July 10. While mods for StarCraft are nothing new, what sets this overhaul apart is that CarBot has the official cooperation of Blizzard, not to mention being a favorite creator among the StarCraft community.

For the uninitiated, CarBot Animations is a popular YouTube channel that’s been posting cartoons based on Blizzard’s games for years. The videos on the channel are gentle parodies of Blizzard’s most beloved franchises with a bright, simple, cartoony aesthetic. In addition to StarCrafts, CarBot also has video series based on Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. With over 1 million subscribers, CarBot Animations is a hit with fans of Blizzard’s games, and, evidently, some people within Blizzard itself.

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The graphics pack was first announced when Jonathan Burton of CarBot Animations appeared at the Korea Starcraft League finals, but wasn’t widely publicized until CarBot released an announcement video a few days ago. CarBot’s graphics pack will be a total overhaul of the game, meaning that everything from the units and terrain to the UI will be rendered in the signature StarCrafts style. Players can apply the new graphical style in any game mode, including ladder matches, custom games, and the campaign, where even mission briefings between levels will be CarBotified. Pricing information for the graphics pack hasn’t been announced yet.

Starcraft Remastered Carbot Zerg Gameplay

Burton explained the decision to make a graphics pack for StarCraft: Remastered instead of StarCraft 2 in the announcement video. StarCraft: Remastered has far fewer assets than its sequel and it uses a 2d engine, which made it easier to work with than StarCraft 2. According to Burton, creating a similar overhaul for StarCraft 2 would simply take too long to be worthwhile. This isn’t the first time that CarBot has created content for StarCraft, though it’s by far the biggest crossover yet. Previously, CarBot has released a map for StarCraft 2’s arcade mode with StarCrafts-style graphics. It’s also put out portrait and spray packs for both StarCraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

Whether a change of graphics — even one as impressive as the CarBot overhaul — can actually help kids latch onto StarCraft has yet to be seen. Kid-friendliness aside, the pack’s bright colors and bold unit outlines could make things a bit more legible for newcomers than the standard graphics, which can make individual units hard to pick out when things get particularly hectic onscreen. StarCraft: Remastered has been out since 2017 (and the original StarCraft was released in 1998) so it's not hard to imagine that players who’ve stuck around this long may just be looking for a way to freshen up its looks, whatever their reasons.

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Source: CarBot Animations

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