StarCraft 2 Personality Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson Dies Aged 33

Geoff InControL Robinson Dies Aged 33

StarCraft commentator, analyst, streamer and ex-pro Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson has died at the age of 33. Robinson is one of the best known personalities in the history of StarCraft spanning both Brood War and StarCraft 2, most famous for the sense of humor and delivery that helped him improve any broadcast he was a part of.

Robinson's career began in StarCraft Brood War as one of the best foreigner players in the scene before he transitioned into StarCraft 2, first captaining the popular Evil Geniuses squad that housed other larger-than-life personalities like Greg "IdrA" Fields and Chris "HuK" Loranger. He would later depart the pro scene as a player and become one of the game's best commentators and analysts, most recently becoming a prominent fixture in StarCraft 2's WCS broadcasts alongside tournaments like HomeStory Cup, which allowed him to really demonstrate the personality that had made him one of the community's most beloved members.

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The cause of Robinson's death has not been revealed, but his social media accounts confirmed his death over the weekend. Robinson had to pull out of the most recent HomeStory Cup, an event that he usually attended, but many believed it to be an unfortunately timed minor illness rather than something extremely serious, and nothing seemed to indicate anything otherwise. His Twitter account announced his sudden passing yesterday, stating that Robinson had died on Saturday due to sudden illness before suggesting that fans honor Robinson by donating to @SoCalBulldog, a non-profit group in Southern California dedicated to rescuing English Bulldogs.

Since the announcement of Robinson's death, there's been an outpouring of love and support from the StarCraft community, with many sharing fond memories of the way Robinson impacted their lives before expressing disbelief he is now gone at such a young age. Robinson's influence is evident in the number of people remembering him on social media, and he will remain inextricable from StarCraft 2, a game that, as both a professional player and commentator, he helped grow and shape for years.

Many from outside the StarCraft community have also commented on the news, with CS:GO commentator Anders Blume and esports journalist Duncan "Thorin" Shields among those who have shared their shock and grief.

Details of the sudden illness that Robinson was afflicted with remain private at this time, and his family has expressed a desire for privacy during this time. Those looking to pay tribute to Robinson can do so by supporting the SoCal Bulldogs charity his social media accounts shared alongside the news, an organization that was apparently one that was near and dear to him.

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