Star Wars: Yoda & Boba Fett Movies Being Considered By Lucasfilm

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A new report states that the previously-rumored Boba Fett and Yoda movies are still being considered by Lucasfilm. Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm, they've been making a concerted effort to spin out as many characters and stories as possible from the Skywalker Saga. Across TV, books, comics, and games, new adventures in the galaxy far, far away have fleshed out the Star Wars canon and helped to fill the void left by the Expanded Universe. On the film side of things, this has meant three proposed anthology/spinoff films that are meant to debut in the years without an Episode.

Last year, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story kicked things off with a bang, emboldening Lucasfilm in their efforts. Next year, Han Solo will once again use the prequel format to explore areas from the past of the franchise. And while we were told earlier this year that future films wouldn't rely on Legacy elements, that's quickly proven to be untrue. After months of speculation, it's now being reported that an Obi-Wan spinoff/prequel is in the works - and it appears he may not be alone.

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As part of the story on the Obi-Wan film, THR is reporting that Lucasfilm is pursuing Yoda and Boba Fett spinoffs. Like Han Solo and the Obi-Wan movie, these would be prequels of course, but no other information on the potential films is known at this time.

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Star Wars fans will likely recall that neither of these proposed films is coming out of the blue. A Boba Fett film was long planned to be one of the new anthology films, with Josh Trank even completing a Boba Fett test sizzle reel. After the disaster that was Fantastic Four (2015), however, Lucasfilm and Trank parted ways and the film was apparently shelved. Given the popularity of the Mandalorian bounty hunter, it's no surprise that Lucasfilm are still pursing a Boba Fett film, even if it does prevent new stories from being explored.

Meanwhile, a Yoda film has been rumored since back in 2013, though there's been much less progress than with the Boba Fett movie. Still, Yoda is a popular character who lived for nearly 900 years. The adventures he's been on and the lives he's touched could allow Lucasfilm to root a story with a familiar character while exploring a time and place we've never seen. Frank Oz is also still alive and working, so being able to bring back the character's key voice actor makes the film an even more exciting prospect.

In the meantime, next summer's Han Solo and this year's Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi will continue to explore new avenues within the Star Wars universe. And if those films are as successful as previous installments in the franchise have been, then the Boba Fett and Yoda movies could become a reality.

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Source: THR

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