There's A New X-Wing Game... Made in Dreams

Star Wars X-Wing Game Dreams

The PlayStation sandbox creation game Dreams has recently spawned yet another impressive fan creation, this time in the form of a Star Wars-inspired X-Wing Starfighter game that embraces space combat while players fight the Empire. Dreams has been a massive addition to the PlayStation 4 platform despite only being in early access currently, and has quickly picked up steam as a sleeper hit exclusive that has given the gaming community's many creative minds an outlet to pursue their own ideas in game design.

Dreams has been making waves in fan communities after several creations made headlines for their depth and quality. A Metal Gear Solid remake successfully ported a classic to a more modern iteration and platform, while others, like a 3D version of Dexter's Lab, showed off entirely new potential games instead. Although creating a full game in Dreams is likely the kind of thing that would take far too long for many people to pursue, the game has been useful in showcasing people's ideas and executions of those concepts, making it a great platform for would-be game designers to demonstrate their chops.

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PSN user Gauffreman is one such creative mind, and clearly a pretty big fan of Star Wars, too. Their level, which is called Space Wars Forcefighter, was recently showcased in a YouTube video by ProjectGenesis, and features a detailed recreation of X-Wing combat that even features sound effects and music that are in line with fan expectations for Star Wars titles. Here's the video for a closer look:

The game has drawn comparisons to Battlefront 2's combat, and it's easy to see why, as it successfully mimics the smoothness with which that title recreates space combat from the Star Wars franchise. As for the game's scale, it's predictably quite small, with only one area and one objective to its name. That doesn't take away from the fact that it's an impressive creation and one that could be a platform for even more detailed X-Wing combat in the future, but it should temper fan expectations on how often this sort of thing will be released and the depth which which these releases will feature their mechanics. Dreams is an interesting platform, but it doesn't replace an entire studio working on a major title.

If nothing else, Dreams continues to serve as an excellent host for the gaming community's, well, dreams. If levels like this one pick up steam and begin to track in fandoms, though, it may also force major developers and publishers to pay attention and give fans what they want—so we wouldn't write off seeing an X-Wing fighter in the future, if Space Wars Forcefighter spawns a few more levels from creators like Gauffreman.

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Source: Project Genesis/YouTube

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