Star Wars: 15 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Padmé

In the Star Wars franchise, no one could ever forget Padmé Amidala. She is the former Queen of Naboo, the planet's Senator, and the mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker. She's always remembered as Anakin Skywalker's love interest, but to the Republic, she was the last great senator before the Galaxy fell to the Empire.

The prequels set up her relationship with Anakin, but Clone Wars expanded her role and made her into a prominent character in the series. She assisted fellow senators in stabilizing current conflicts in the Galaxy, proposing policies and negotiating other factions, and even came close to ending the Clone Wars. However, her life as the beloved Senator of Naboo wasn’t without sacrifices.

Padmé lived during a tumultuous time, where the Republic’s Democratic process was deteriorating in favor of a strong militarization. Her strong beliefs in non-violence and peace created enemies in the Senate and caught Chancellor Palpatine's attention, who was the true mastermind behind the war. Plenty of people have tried to assassinate her, manipulated her, and many have even turned Anakin against her.

Padmé has lived her life serving her people, which is something that her daughter would go on to do as well. However, her life was not without strife-- she went through a lot of hardships and watched many people around her suffer and die.

Here are the 15 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened to Padmé.

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15 She Was Attacked By a Zillo Beast

Zillo beasts are gigantic serpentine reptiles that are said to be extinct until the Republic unearthed the species after a proton bomb was dropped during the Battle of Malastare. Upon this discovery, the creature is brought to Coruscant for research and is about to be killed under Palpatine’s orders so that scientists could study the lizard's plate armor.

However, Padmé wants to see the creature freed from its confines. Before she can negotiate with Palpatine and Anakin, the beast breaks out and goes after Palpatine. (George Lucas would later tease that the Zillo beast sensed that Palpatine was a Sith Lord and was therefore trying to warn everyone.)

Since she is with Palpatine, the creature chases both of them down, and she nearly falls off a roof. It takes a few rounds of poisonous gas before it is eventually killed. While it’s probably not the worst thing that has ever happened, getting chased by a Godzilla-like monster in the capital city and nearly falling down from a skyscraper is pretty terrifying.

14 She Was Force Choked By Anakin

Anakin choked Padme

One of the worst things that can ever happen to a person is being force chocked by someone you love. It’s fated that Anakin would succumb to the Dark Side, which would set up the next episode of the series. However, we weren’t expecting Anakin to turn into a complete jerk and use the Force to choke his wife, calling her a liar.

Padmé is unconvinced that Anakin had sided with Emperor Palpatine until she sees it for herself that Vader had betrayed everyone... even her. He demonstrates this before in the Clone Wars when he uses the force to strangle Clovis.

The Force choke is normally a Sith technique, and when he uses it on Padmé, it pretty much seals the deal. Anakin’s betrayal causes her health to deteriorate, and yet despite his irredeemable actions, she still believes that Anakin is still in there somewhere.

13 She Got Infected with the Blue Shadow Virus

At the behest of Queen Neeyutnee, Padmé returns to Naboo in order to investigate the droids settled in the swamplands. Believing that the droids are from the Separatists, Neeyutnee implores the Republic in order to send reinforcements, fearing that the Confederates are going to invade Naboo.

Padmé investigates the area and, again, gets caught by Separatist Dr. Nuvo Vindi. Vindi is employed by Count Dooku to re-engineer the Blue Shadow Virus, an eradicated virus capable of destroying mass populations if the water is infected.

Because the pathogen is airborne and thrives in water streams, the virus can kill millions if placed in local rivers and reservoirs. Vindi intends to create the virus due to the fact that no known cure exists in the galaxy.

Padmé, Ahsoka, and a few clone troopers become infected by the virus and have only 48 hours to live before the dosage becomes fatal. However, Anakin and Obi-Wan come to the rescue and are able to find a cure for the virus.

12 She Was Nearly Assassinated By Kouhuns

Do you remember the centipede-like creatures skittering up the bedside from Attack of the Clones that would make most people scream? Kouhuns are feared for their fatal venom, which is lethal for almost every living species. Their poison would cause the victim to instantly go through cardiac arrest.

Padmé became Naboo’s representative for the Republic Senate, a position that she gladly accepted after her Queendom ended. She’s met with another hurdle of problems with the Republic, however, one being the proposed Military Creation Act, which would allow the Chancellor to employ clone troopers on the battlefield. Padmé opposes the clone army and leads an opposition team to vote against the act.

On the eve of the vote, Zam Wessell is hired by Count Dooku, leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (aka the Separatists), to assassinate Padmé in hopes that with her death would win Nut Gunray and the Trade Federation’s support to fund the droids.

Wessell tries to kill Padmé with two Kouhuns placed in an ASN courier droid during the night. Thankfully, Obi-Wan and Anakin are present to stop the assassination. After realizing that she isn't safe, Padme decided to return to Naboo, and thus Palpatine gets his way.

11 She Was On A Bounty List

Because she is constantly advocating peace and democracy, corporatists and totalitarian rulers are often not too thrilled when Padmé proposes a new law to broker peace, or demilitarize war-torn areas.

The Banking Clan and the Trade Federation enlist bounty hunters to assassinate Padmé, but their attempts always end in failure-- to the point where you would expect them to give up. Counting Clone Wars, they have failed at this at least six times.

Some notable characters who have tried include Zam Wessell, Cad Bane, the Banking Clan, and Aurra Sing, a professional sniper who is hired by Ziro the Hutt. Sing almost makes the shot to kill her, but Anakin's apprentice Ahsoka Tano manages to stop Sing just in time-- she even manages to stop him twice.

Padmé may have lucked out, having Jedi who are able to watch her back as several senators attempt to kill her. Every move Padmé makes either gets her in the crossfire with other senators or angers someone because of her policies.

10 She Was Poisoned By Lott Dod Poisons

In one of her missions in Clone Wars, Padmé is investigating Senator Rush Clovis of Scipio and his links with the Separatists movement, which brings up about their past relationship. Anakin becomes angry due to Clovis' relationship with Padmé.

It is later revealed that Senator Lott Dod and Poggle the Lesser are, indeed, receiving funding from Clovis for the Separatists’ war against the Republic. Dod then poisons Padmé as leverage when Clovis refuses to fund the movement.

Anakin and Clovis work together and manage to save Padmé, with Clovis seizing the antidote from Dod. (Though, Anakin does leave Clovis behind to deal with Dod as revenge.) The investigation is a success but it isn't without repercussions.

Padmé survives, thankfully, but she looses a colleague in the process. She also gets caught in the crossfire with the Trade Federation, the very same group that invaded her planet, and apparently were profiting from the Clone Wars.

9 Her Home World Was Invaded

The Invasion of Naboo was an important event because, not only did it give Senator Palpatine the role of Chancellor, but it also changed the planet from a regular nation into a prosperous planet after they emerged victoriously.

The Trade Occupation, however, consisted of some of the worst days of Padmé's life. She was just elected as queen of Naboo at the age of 14 and had to take necessary steps to ensure her safety of the people, and then refused to sign a treaty that would legitimize the Federation’s invasion.

The invaders sent her to Camp 4 where, fortunately, she meets Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn who are sent by Chancellor Valorum who wanted to negotiate with the Trade Federation that has a huge monopoly over shipping to Outer Rim.

They escort her to the Republic's capital, and this provides her with the opportunity to seek an appeal with the Republic who can help her get her planet back, believing that, if the Republic knew the truth of the occupation, then the governing body would send aid.

8 She Was Taken Prisoner by Ziro

In her first appearance on Clone Wars, Padmé is negotiating with Jabba the Hut about his son Rotta being kidnapped by Anakin. She investigates and later figures out that Jabba’s uncle Ziro orchestrated the kidnapped and intends to kill Rotta, Anakin, and his apprentice in order to frame Jabba and thus take over the Hutt clan.

Ziro’s droids catch her spying, though, and Ziro decides to hand her over to Count Dooku. However, Padmé manages to escapes again. Ziro then decides to kill her, knowing that some of the senators would protect him despite her being a prominent politician in the galaxy. This could have been way worse– she could have ended up serving the Hutts like her daughter.

Thankfully, C3PO brings reinforcements just in time and she manages to strike one of Ziro’s guards down. Padmé then contacts Jabba and tells him the truth about Ziro. Thanks to her intervention, the Republic and the Hutt clan reach an agreement and sign a treaty.

7 She Was Persuaded To Initiate the Vote of No Confidence to Remove Finis Valorum

During the invasion of Naboo, Padmé appealed to the Republic about her planet’s plight in hopes that the Senate would take her appeal. However, she soon finds out that the Senate is corrupted, as predicted by Senator Sheev Palpatine.

Senator Lott Dodd from the Trade Federation denounces her statements, calling them lies. Finis Valorum, though a respectable colleague from her point of view, can't even stop the ongoing corruption.

This gives her no choice but to motion for a “Vote of No Confidence” in order to remove the current chancellor, which the senators unanimously agree, much to her surprise. The Senate chose Palpatine as the next Supreme Chancellor, and Palpatine promised Padmé that he’ll rid the Republic of the corruption.

Later on, the Republic and the Jedi arrest the Trade Federation leaders and Naboo is freed. While Padmé manages to save her planet, the Senate vote initiates Darth Sidious’ real plans.

6 She Witnessed A Hostage Crisis

In order to free Ziro the Hutt, Aurra Sing and Cad Bane ambush Padmé and her colleagues during a bill discussion. The bounty hunters provide them with an ultimatum: Chancellor Palpatine must release Ziro or the senators will die.

One senator dies in the process, and Anakin, who happens to be in the Senate complex, attempts to save the officials, but is caught in the process. Palpatine refuses negotiations and Bane shuts down the comm systems, forcing Palpatine to release Ziro from jail.

Although Ziro is released, it is discovered that Bane set up bombs around the complex. Anakin uses his lightsaber to cut the floor and escape from laser-room right before Bane detonates the bombs. Ziro is freed and Bane demands his portion of the payment. Padmé nearly looses her husband during the crisis, and the proposed bill is likely passed again.

5 She Was Tricked By The Banking Clan

The Republic and the Separatists’ war bring a heavy death toll for both sides, which leads to the Banking Clan agreeing to negotiate terms with the Republic. Palpatine sends Padmé as the mediator for the exchange.

However, what she doesn't expect is that the rendezvous point they set up turns out to be a trap and that the Banking Clan had no intention of falling through. Instead, she and C3PO wing up in the middle of a battle between the Republic and a Confederacy main cruiser. Her ship lands at the hangar bay of Malevolence before she rigs her ship to blow up, though she also gets some help from the Jedi and the Republic soldiers.

In the end, she gets her revenge and manages to destroy a main confederate ship at the same time. General Grievous, head of Malevolence, flees from the battlefield after the cruiser collides with the moon.

4 The Senate Ignored The Naboo Crisis

The full Senate didn’t help Padmé with the war effort, and instead force Padmé to open the Senate floor to vote and remove Valorum from office. Eventually, this succeedes and Palpatine recognizes her plight and is ready to help her planet.

However, by then, Padmé is sick with the Republic’s byzantine rules and realizes that the Senate would never help her planet. The meeting wastes precious time that could have been used to stop the invasion.

Padmé leaves while they are still negotiating the next Chancellor, and quickly rallies the Gungans to join her side, after she reveals her real identity to their leader. The Gungans are impressed and offer their aid immediately.

Her time as the Queen of Naboo made her such a popular ruler that the officials consider revising the constitution so she that can rule longer. However, she refuses and decides to take her position as the new Senate representative of the planet.

3 Her Clone Wars Treaty Was Blocked By Dooku

The Senate can never catch a break when it comes to deterring proposals that can have potentially save people’s lives. Padmé proposes open diplomacies with the Confederates and Republic to end the Clone Wars a few times, but with little success.

She nearly succeeds at one point, when she opens another discussion on a treaty with the Separatists and the Senate while the Republic is voting whether they should deregulate the banks to increase funding for the war effort. The peace treaty doesn't sit well with bankers and the Trade Federation, though, as they are in favor of profiteering and forcing the Republic to go further in debt.

The opposing side welcomes the suggestion, and Count Dooku publicly supports the notion, but secretly orders General Grievous to plant a group of droids dressed in sanitary uniforms to sabotage the event.

Dooku’s plan succeeds and the Republic can't reach an agreement with the Confederates, believing that the Separatists are not to be trusted. Had it not been for the bankers and Count Dooku’s plans, the Clone Wars would have ended, and Padmé would have stopped Palpatine's plans.

2 She Met Anakin Skywalker

Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Padme Amidala Kiss

Anakin's love, in a way, ruined Padmé life. Anakin and Padmé were separated before they met up again at Coruscant where the Military Creation Act vote was to take place. After saving her twice from death, Anakin continued to watch over her and eventually they began to fall in love. By the end of Episode II, they were married. However, everything else pretty much goes downhill from here.

Although in the Clone Wars Padmé and Anakin love each other deeply, Anakin still extremely arrogant and jealous of other men talking to Padmé, despite the fact that their marriage was in secret. When she goes undercover to spy on Senator Clovis, Anakin deliberately breaks the passenger seat right next to Padmé. Additionally, when he sees Clovis about to kiss her, he's unable to control his wrath.

In Attack of the Clones, Anakin slaughters an entire village because he is outraged after finding out about his mother’s death. Padmé probably should have left him to sort out his baggage before they proceeded with marriage.

1 She Died Without Ever Knowing Her Children

Not only did Padmé die from a broken heart, but she also never had the chance to raise her two twins, Luke and Leia. She and Anakin were initially excited to raise a child, but their professional lives made it impossible for them to actually have time for a real family.

Since the Jedi Order forbid marriage, Padmé’s pregnancy had to remain hidden so that the Order wouldn't find out about their secret marriage. Eventually, they do find this out after Padmé is killed. The remaining Jedi knights then have to separate the babies and protect them.

It is sad enough that Padmé dies and loses her husband to the Dark Side, but losing the chance to learn to love and know her children is another tragedy entirely. Imagine what kind of life Luke and Leia could have had together with their family. Anakin, now Darth Vader, wouldn’t rest until his children were under his care and were members of the Dark Side.


Can you think of any other moments in the Star Wars series when horrible things happened to Padmé? Let us know in the comment section.

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