Star Wars: The 15 Most Worthless Sith Ever

The Sith are the worst that the Star Wars galaxy has to offer, but there are some who go from evil to just completely worthless.

In Star Wars, the Sith are the baddest of the bad. Dozens of characters, whether they be in canon or in the now defunct Extended Universe (referred to now as Legends), have wielded the dark side of the Force. It is only the Sith Order who has truly managed to master the dark side. Well, at least some of them have managed to do it.

Just as the Jedi Order has seen their fair share of losers and bunglers who have either sullied the good name of the Jedi or did nothing of particular use, so too have the Sith. Granted, a loss for a Sith is usually a win for the galaxy at large, but that doesn't change the fact that some members of The Order have been a pathetic excuse for an evil supervillain. This is not a list of merely the least enjoyable Sith Lords (and Ladies) but really, the ones who were a disgrace to the red lightsaber they wield. The ones who never managed to do anything with their evil lives, try as they might.

So without further ado, here are the 15 Most Worthless Sith Ever.

15 Darth Talon

Jedi are often the hero of the various Star Wars stories, and if the Sith manages to beat them, then the story is over. So most Sith don't often defeat their Jedi foes, but there are few with careers as pathetic as Darth Talon. In the Star Wars Legends lore, Talon rose quickly through the Sith ranks, becoming one of the powerful Darth Krayt’s Hands -- one of his most trusted advisors/killing machines. But when it came to hunting her main nemesis, Cade Skywalker, Talon was virtually useless.

Talon dueled Cade several times, and in each encounter she came out as the clear loser. Cade even fatally wounded Talon at one point, and she was only saved by a long immersion in a bacta tank. Most embarrassingly, though, Talon even tried to instruct Cade Skywalker (again, her clear superior) in the way of the Sith. While the orders to try to bring Cade over to the Dark Side came from her master, Krayt, Talon still developed a quasi-relationship with Skywalker that he manipulated to escape from her.

If there was a scantily clad Sith competition, Talon would win hands down. When it comes to being remotely competent, Talon is a big ole failure.

14 Starkiller

Starkiller in Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Galen Marek might have never actually achieved the rank of Sith Lord and received a Darth title. (Though George Lucas did want the character to be known as Darth Icky or the equally deranged Darth Insanious. Seriously.) Still being a secret apprentice of Darth Vader, Starkiller was well trained in the ways of the Sith, he just kind of sucked at it.

The potential Darth Icky definitely had the rage part of being a Sith down, as most of his incredible force powers came from tapping into that anger. In every other arena, Starkiller is an unreliable loose cannon. In the first The Force Unleashed, which is the only game with the real Starkiller, the young Sith is completely ruled by his emotions. He is tricked and deceived by nearly everyone around him.

As a “stealthy” Sith assassin, Starkiller is a loud wrecking ball of destruction, and a barely competent one at that. It’s a wonder that Vader could keep his apprentice a secret from Palpatine for any amount of time, let alone for half of the first Force Unleashed game. This's not even to mention that Starkiller’s biggest accomplishment is starting a rebellion against the Empire … and getting swiftly executed for it.

13 Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Asajj is another Sith who frequently went up again the Jedi and frequently failed. While she's admittedly a pretty cool character, as a contributing member of the Sith Order, she added almost nothing. Cesides being Darth Tyranus’ apprentice, Asajj’s main function was as a Sith assassin -- but rarely did she manage to actually kill her targets.

Throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Asajj definitely bloodied her hands, but there are no significant kills under her belt outside of a few low-levels murders. No matter how many times Ventress went up against Obi-Wan, Anakin, or even Ashoka Tano (when she was just a Padawan), she never came close to killing them. Ventress wasn’t lacking targets in The Clone Wars, just confirmed kills.

It is telling that Asajj Ventress’ best use as a character came when she moved away from the Sith Order and became a quasi-ally for Ashoka and the gang. It’s a shame that Ventress’ arc from Jedi to Sith to bounty hunter hasn’t made its way to the big screen (yet), as she has a great amount of growth and development throughout her story. Yet purely as a Sith, Asajj is kind of worthless.

12 Darth Maul

Darth Maul

The Clone Wars did try to make something out of Darth Maul other than being the new Boba Fett -- a cool looking character from the movies who does almost nothing -- but it didn’t fix things completely. The Darth Maul in Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels is a better character than the one found in Phantom Menace. But since Maul has almost no character (and one line) in Phantom Menace, this isn’t much of an accomplishment. Outside of his skills with a lightsaber, Maul was in no way an asset to the Sith.

Rather than try to further Sith domination or do anything meaningful with his life, Maul’s arc in both Clone Wars and Rebels is essentially to get revenge on Obi-Wan. This is itself a bit of a fool’s errand, because while Obi-Wan did chop off Maul’s legs and leave him for dead, he still survived and got robot legs out of the bargain. Robot legs beat regular legs any day of the week. Everyone knows this.

Furthermore, Maul’s mission of revenge against Obi-Wan was a complete failure. In the single most gloriously anti-climactic scene of Star Wars, Maul is killed by Obi-Wan in their final duel in less than five seconds.

11 Darth Ekkage

The Sith really need to look up the definition of the word “assassin”, because between Starkiller, Ventress, and now Ekkage, it’s becoming clear that they don’t know what it means. Darth Ekkage is the sister of one of The Old Republic’s central baddies (and the master of the player character if they choose to play as a Sith Warrior), Darth Baras. Ekkage is touted as one of the greatest Sith assassins of all time, but she is a ridiculously easy boss to defeat in The Old Republic.

Ekkage spends most of her storyline of The Old Republic game captured and imprisoned. While she is eventually freed, most of her lackeys don’t survive the rescue, and she ends up killing her one remaining ally out of anger. Ekkage then taunts and threatens the player character and is almost immediately killed. She escapes, but just to die minutes later.

Ekkage is the perfect example of a Sith who is cruel and brutal but entirely too cocky. If Ekkage was just a little bit more shrewd and a little less stabby, there's a chance she wouldn’t be such easy pickings in The Old Republic.

10 Darth Millennial

Yes, the most ridiculous thing about this Sith lord is his name. No, he isn't known for how many selfies he takes or his use of hashtags in casual conversations. Still, Darth Millennial is still pretty pathetic and meaningless. He began his life as a Sith following Darth Bane's Rule of Two. Yet once he began to learn more about it, Millennial grew disillusioned with the whole idea that there must only be two big bads at a time, and that one will always be greater than the other.

Millennial started to gravitate towards the Rule of Power, where there are many Sith as possible, and the greatest among them rules. This caused a rift with his master, Darth Cognus. Yet rather than leading to one of them killing the other or some great civil war, Millennial just peaced out and created his own religion on a swamp planet. He’s like Yoda, but with more murder.

While Millennial attracted a fair number of followers, they didn’t do anything but just chill on their own planet, out of sight and out of mind. If you’re going to create an evil cult, you should at least do something with it, but Millennial just set up himself up as a prophet and died of old age. Boring.

9 Savage Opress

Star Wars The Clone Wars Savage Opress

Darth Maul’s mission of revenge against Obi-Wan was meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but at least it was personally important to Maul. His brother Savage Opress, who devoted himself to the same cause of revenge, has no such excuse.

Savage had a promising start to his career as a Sith, having been gifted extreme powers by the Nightsisters. Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku both saw Savage as someone who they could use to overthrow their respective Sith masters, but Savage couldn’t be controlled by either one of them. When Savage learned that Maul was alive, he became a helpless murderous puppy to his more experienced brother.

Savage did whatever Maul wanted him to do, and although he arguably had more force power and could have been a real threat, the two brothers never really expanded their sights outside of killing Obi-Wan Kenobi. They did rule Mandalore together very briefly, but the second that Savage and Maul became a real threat also happened to be their last second together. Sidious killed the younger Sith, fearing another powerful Sith duo in the galaxy. Savage was nothing but a lapdog, and a lapdog of an incredibly unambitious master to boot.

8 Darth Scabrous

You might have bad days at work, but you've (probably) never had such a bad day that you've created a army of evil undead monsters. This is the situation that wonderfully stupid sounding Darth Scabrous found himself in during the novel Star Wars: Red Harvest.

When looking for the path to immorality -- as one does when one is a Sith Lord -- from an orchid, Scabrous instead ended up creating literal zombies. Scabrous was able to control these zombie hordes, making them a pretty effective weapon, but no amount of zombie soldiers could stop him from succumbing to his own stupidity.

Since his first attempt to achieve immortality was so successful, Scabrous tried again. Rather than using a flower to achieve his means, Scabrous kidnapped the orchid’s caretaker, Hestizo Trace. The only problem was that Hestizo’s brother, Rojo, was pretty much Liam Nieson’s character from Taken. Rojo, a powerful Jedi, went on a bloody mission of revenge and ended up killing Scabrous (easily, we should add) in order to save his sister. So Scabrous not only failed in his main mission, but created a zombie army that did nothing to save him from one lone Jedi with a particular set of skills.

7 Skere Kaan

Before Darth Bane came up with the Rule of Two and completely changed the Sith Order, Lord Kaan was the head honcho. A former Jedi who defected to the Sith, Skere Kaan’s illustrious reign as Sith Master ended when he was literally blown up by his own thoughts.

Kaan came up with the Rule of Power, which is fine for the person in charge, but leads to complete chaos otherwise. When the most powerful guy is the one on top, that means everyone is killing (literally) to be that guy. The Sith Order that Kaan “ruled” over was full of infighting and distress. Kaan decided the best way to unite the Sith was to make them fight against the Jedi, and that’s where he met his pathetic demise.

While fighting the war, Kaan started to go mad and was tricked by Darth Bane to pulling up a Hail Mary of a play to win the war. Kaan used his powers to create what he called a “thought bomb". While Kaan thought this bomb would just kill the Jedi and leave himself and the Sith still alive, in reality he blew all of them to kingdom come, which allowed Bane to take over The Order.

6 (The Clones of) Darth Sidious

Angry Darth Sidious (Palpatine)

Though his plan was based mostly on luck and everyone around him being complete numskulls, Darth Sidious did manage to rule the galaxy for about 30 years. Darth Sidious’ clone, who can be found in the now defunct Star Wars Legends canon, did not get anywhere close to that level of power.

The Sith Lord known as Emperor Palpatine decided to use clones to become virtually immortal and reign forever as the Emperor. A bad idea from just a creative standpoint, Palpatine “lived” long after his original death in Return of the Jedi by moving his spirit from clone to clone. The clone versions of Palpatine had none of the previous version’s wit. The clone Darth Sidious made gamble after gamble, and often, it ended with his death.

The perpetually resurrected Sidious’ big plan was to find a more permanent body in the form of Leia’s unborn child. The clone Palpatine repeatedly try to convince Leia to give up her child like some incredibly wrinkly fairy tale villain. Thankfully, the last of his clones was eventually killed, and Sidious’ spirt was stuck forever in the Force, never to return … until Disney rightfully exorcised the whole story from canon.

5 Darth Sion

Sion is the Sith version of a middle management executive. Sion managed to gather tremendously powerful Sith around himself, but he was rather unremarkable as an individual. With Darth Traya and Darth Nihilus, Sion formed the Sith Triumvirate. Traya was the Sith Lord, or Lady, of Betrayal, as well as the group’s mastermind. Nihilus was the Lord of Hunger, its powerhouse. Sion, meanwhile, was the Lord of Pain and perpetual sad sack.

Sion’s admittedly cool appearance is down to the fact that he is literally keeping his broken body together by the power of the Force. Sion is in continual agony and pretty much can’t be killed because he won’t let himself die, because the pain feeds his dark side power. It’s completely over-the-top, and it probably explains why Sion is easily the least impressive of the Sith trio in Knights of the Old Republic II.

The way that Sion is defeated proves his worthlessness to the Sith. Sion is struck down again and again by the main character of KOTOR II, the Jedi Exile. Eventually, the Exile just convinces Sion to give up by telling him how miserable his life is, and how he will never be satisfied. Sion agrees, and finally just lets himself go. A Sith suicide is never a good look.

4 Darth Gravid

Star Wars Korriban Sith planet

Darth Gravid was so terrifically terrible that his actions set the Sith Order back centuries. Introduced in the novel Darth Plagueis, which is now kind of canon and kind of Legends, Gravid is brought up as a cautionary tale. Gravid was a Sith Lord who felt the pull off the light side. Rather than join the Jedi or just start a civil war, Gravid drove himself insane being pulled by polar opposite directions of the force.

Gravid's insanity got so intense that he became convinced that the only way to save the Sith was to destroy them. Gravid went on a rampage destroying Sith artifacts, ripping up lore and just generally wrecking with the whole status quo out of his misguided effort to protect The Order. Darth Gravid is basically if the burning of the Library of Alexandria became a person -- a tremendously confused and totally evil person.

Gravid's “rescue mission” went so bad that he eventually had to be put down by his own apprentice Darth Gean. The damage Gravid did lasted long after his death, affecting what information that Plageuis, who lived centuries after Gravid, could learn and access.

3 Darth Venamis

Getting killed by another Sith is a fact of life that awaits most of those who rise through the ranks of The Order, thanks to the Rule of Two. Venamis, however, wasn't just killed once by another Sith -- Venamis was killed and resurrected for decades by his rival Darth Plageuis. Venamis was the secret apprentice of Plageuis' master Darth Tenebrous, and was likely also the Sith Lord's son.

After Plagueis killed Tenebrous, the mighty Sith discovered the existence of Venamis and several other apprentices. Eventually, the two Sith came face to face Plagueis defeated his rival. Rather than just kill Venamis however, Plageuis forced Venamis to ingest a orchid that put him into a death-like coma. In that state, Plagueis enacted hundreds of perverse experiments on the defeated Sith. Once his experiments were completed, Plagueis allowed him to die ... but not for long. Venamis was later resurrected and killed over and over, just for Plagueis’ twisted amusement.

Venamis did serve a purpose as a part of Plagueis’ many schemes and probings into the knowledge of the Force, but as an individual, Venamis was a total dweeb.

2 Darth Malak

Darth Malak in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

As the Sith apprentice to Darth Revan, one of the most powerful force users ever and one of the best characters in the Star Wars universe, Legends or otherwise, Malak was always going to come up short. He can’t help but seem like small stuff compared to Revan, but even if Revan is completely taken out of the equation, Malak is a hapless moron.

In Knights of the Old Republic, Malak is the ruling Sith, and he has countless forces under his command. Yet the only reason that Malak is even in such a position is due to all the hard work and ruthlessness of Revan. Malak is essentially Revan’s hype man for most of the latter Sith’s rise to power, a hype man who manages to lose his jaw.

Malak does have some impressive powers, but no real capability when it comes to using them. Malak is an act first, think much later (if at all) type of Sith Lord. It’s for this reason that Revan was able to return, after being presumed dead, and kill Malak with ease. Even Malak realized how worthless he was at the end, telling Revan he died feeling completely empty.

1 Darth Caedus

Like most of the characters from Star Wars Legends, Darth Caedus has been disavowed as canon, but Caedus is unique in that he's been completely replaced. Caedus, otherwise known as Jacen Solo, is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa who turned to the Dark Side -- a story that's going to sound very familiar to anyone who has watched The Force Awakens.

While Kylo Ren is an interesting complex character with a lot of personal demons to work through, Caedus is just a big brat. Caedus turned to the Dark Side after receiving a vision that he would kill his uncle Luke Skywalker, a destiny that he desperately didn’t want to happen. If becoming a Sith to not kill your loved ones and reign destruction sounds paradoxical to you, that’s because it is, but such is the (nonexistent) logic of Darth Caedus.

Caedus was nothing but a pawn in a larger scheme, being used and abused by all the Sith around him. Jacen did manage to do some damage as a Sith, namely, the murder of ill Jade Skywalker, Luke’s wife. For the most part, however, it was just was a mercy for everyone when he was killed by his twin sister, Jaina, in a duel.


Do you agree with our list? Who do you think is the most worthless Sith in Star Wars? Sound off in the comments!

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