Star Wars: The 10 Most Hated Jedi

Anger leads to hate, which is not the way of the Jedi. However, there simply are some Jedi in the Star Wars franchise that are hate magnets from the get-go; they make the Sith look appealing by comparison. It's not difficult to hate some Jedi characters either due to poor character development, bad acting, or sometimes they're just stuck-up judgmental space monks who need to get laid-- even if that means they'll turn to the dark side.

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It also just so happens that such an irritating trait or characterization is not just limited to the Star Wars films. Even the games or the expanded universe have their own fair share of really unlikable Jedi. So, if you're still not convinced that the dark side of the force is a better option than putting up with the celibate warrior monk social club, then here are the 10 most hated Jedi you can blame if you join the Sith.

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Bastila is from the award-winning Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game from EA and Bioware. She's a young and gifted Jedi prodigy. That probably should be enough to make your eyes roll. However, Bastila gets even more annoying once you actually interact with her in-game. She has a blatant superiority complex and takes every opportunity to be self-righteous.

One would think that she's the perfect Jedi, but no. Underneath all her tough facade is insecurity and a lack of willpower. She fell to the dark side quite easily-- provided you lure her into it. While this makes her character a lot more interesting and deeper, she's still bossy and remained patronizing even as a Sith.


A cannon fodder Jedi which got more hate than necessary because of what he did in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Coleman, despite his name, is not a human, however, he is every bit as reckless and stupid as one. Remember that guy who tried to sneak up on Count Dooku and failed miserably? That's him.

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Apart from the fact that sneaking up on Dooku all ALONE is a bad idea, it wasn't Dooku who killed him. No, it was Jango Fett's measly blaster pistol rounds which Coleman failed to deflect properly as a trained Jedi should. How'd this dude graduate from Jedi Academy?


Another cannon fodder Jedi like Coleman Trebor. However, Agen's sin is quite heavier. He was one of the few people Mace Windu trusted to help take down an exposed Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. So, how'd he fare? He got stabbed first by a screeching pensioner who lunged at him with a fancy mid-air gymnastic roll.

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Granted, Darth Sidious defeated Yoda. Still, Agen is a Jedi Master and a master swordsman of the Jedi Order... supposedly. See, if Mace Windu brings you in to arrest of one of the most dangerous Sith Lords ever, you use your skills to do it, not throw your life away so that he could have a one-on-one with said Sith Lord.


Starkiller or Galen Marek was introduced in the video game and lore of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. His name is an indication of his prowess; he is powerful enough in the force to be able to telekinetically control a whole Star Destroyer. As for the killer part? That's because you might get bored to death with his generic overpowered Gary Stu character.

There is also the fact that he was initially groomed and trained to be a Sith but due to the rule of two, attaining his goal was not possible. He was made too important despite his story lacking any dramatic depth or conflict. Moreover, he's just too powerful to be relatable.


Ahsoka Tano is supposedly Anakin Skywalker's padawan. Yep, Broody McSandhater had a padawan, created by George Lucas himself for the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon series which first debuted on Cartoon Network. You could say that Ahsoka Tano was a character in a Star Wars cartoon which also had children viewers in mind. As such, her character was quite insufferable or too childish for adults.

A lot of people simply could not stand Ahsoka especially in the first couple of seasons of Clone Wars. Thankfully, she improved a lot in terms of character development throughout the later seasons but that doesn't erase our poor first impression of her.


This may be a controversial one, but there's no denying that Rey gets plenty of fan hate. Rey was perhaps, disliked for the same reason that Starkiller was uninteresting; a lot of fans thought she was a bit overpowered without much backstory, reason, or hard work. It also seems character development is one of the many things Rey bypassed (apart from the compressor in the Millennium Falcon). A little more character conflict or flaws couldn't have hurt but no-- let's make her more powerful than a Skywalker... and a Sith Lord... and a better pilot and mechanic than a veteran smuggler... all without training. Is that how the force works now?

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For that matter, one doesn't need to look far on the internet to find some constructive Mary Sue sentiments for Rey. She's just like Starkiller, except less powerful and more canon.


Apparently, Shaak Ti is another one of those crazy powerful Jedi Master and Council Member that was underutilized in the films. Hence, most of the representation for her came from the Clone Wars cartoon.

Remember when the whole Jedi temple is burning and Jedi of all ages are being killed left and right as per Order 66? Shaak Ti was onsite and was not on a mission, unlike the other Jedi Masters or Knights. One would think that she could have helped at least save what's left, but no-- she meditated. Apparently, Shaak Ti also could have uncovered the corruptible inhibitor chips in the clone troopers which allowed them to carry out Order 66-- but eh, another incompetent Jedi Master.


Sure, any character played by Liam Neeson is supposed to be a badass. Just exactly how badass Qui-Gon Jinn is, can be debatable. The Jedi Master couldn't even defeat a single Sith Lord's apprentice.

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By the way, his insistence on bringing a whiny Gary Stu brat and putting him on a pedestal for the Jedi Council to ogle at has proven a total disaster. The repercussions of that decision are not exactly something the Jedi fully recovered from. All that just because he fanboyed over some boy's Midichlorian power levels which are over 9,000.


Let's clear up one thing, this milk-drinking hermit here can be anyone you want to call him, except Luke. We don't who this is and what he wants to achieve in his life, but no one in their right mind would try to kill their own nephew, even if it's Ben Solo/Kylo Ren.

It gets worse. After the geezer meets Kylo again in the salty mineral planet of Crait, he mocks him as if he wasn't the one responsible for his nephew turning to the dark side. Seeing what "not-Luke Skywalker" did, it's hard not to feel sympathy for Kylo.


Like father like son, eh? Whatever "Luke" did in his Jedi Master years, Anakin did worse tenfold in his transition from Jedi to Sith. He massacred defenseless children with his own hands.

Still, his biggest crime was not killing innocent kids, but killing Darth Vader. For a lot of fans both old and new, Anakin-- THE Anakin from the Prequels, ruined Vader. Now, it's hard to imagine and talk about the most imposing and iconic villains of all time without associating the legend to an immature, angsty emo who hates sand, courtesy of George Lucas himself.

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