Star Wars Goes 'Fifty Shades' of Darth Vader (Yes, Really)

Darth Vader Romance Comic

The one and only Darth Vader: dark Lord of the Sith, slayer of the Jedi, right hand to the Emperor... sexual icon? Believe it, Star Wars fans, because from here on out #VaderThirst is absolutely canon.

It might be too strange for some to believe--especially those who know what cruel, twisted, robotic, and evil face rests behind Vader's famous mask. But in the newest round of Star Wars comics, the world is introduced to one Imperial recruit who longs for the man beneath the mask, the shoulders beneath the cape, the body beneath... well, you get the idea. And there is no way she's going to be alone for long.

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The woman in question (who remains nameless for now) makes her debut in Vader: Dark Visions #3, serving as nurse and assistant to one of the Empire's best surgeons. The surgeon who also happens to be the one who personally cares for, maintains, and regularly performs surgery to keep Darth Vader in the field. Like most Imperials who end up in Vader's path, the young woman is overcome with intimidation at his ice cold demeanor and terrifying reputation. But unlike most other Imperials... she likes it.

Star Wars Vader Dark Visions Preview 1

Will the unnamed woman be the Star Wars version of Anastasia Steele to Vader's Christian Grey? We can't say just yet, since the two pages included here are pulled from the preview of Vader: Dark Visions #3 releasing to the public this Wednesday. But based on the writing of Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum and the art by David Lopez and Javier Pina, there's no question that Vader's most invested, attracted, and dare we say loving admirer has officially been found. And once her fantasy builds to a full blown romance novel scene starring Lord Vader, it's all but guaranteed that no Star Wars fan will ever forget her.

It's an incredible time to be alive and enjoying the Star Wars canon. This trip into Vader romance follows on the heels of the comic books producing an unforgettable Grand Moff Tarkin thirst trap, revealing what a shredded and scarred physique the Death Star commander was concealing beneath his uniform all along. Although we're willing to bet fans would rather un-see the true face of General Grievous, also revealed in recent comics. But neither can hold a candle to the imagination of the "one lonely heart that beats just for him," as the issue's official synopsis puts it. Being impressed by Vader's size, stature, or Force powers is one thing. This... this is something else entirely.

Strangely enough, this single issue tale doesn't actually stray too far from the premise of Vader: Dark Visions. The series is intended to show how the idea of Vader, like his legacy, and his reputation can vastly change depending on who in the Star Wars galaxy is telling the tale. To some, he is a strange black knight who appears to vanquish a great beast and free an entire planet (despite not caring that he did any of it). In this case, his celebrity earns as many devoted (infatuated?) followers as modern day actors or other sex symbols. But fans will need to read the entire issue to find out if this mystery woman's affection is returned. Something tells us she is in for a disappointment.

  • VADER: DARK VISIONS (2019) #3
  • Writer: Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum
  • Artist: David Lopez, Javier Pina
  • Cover: Greg Smallwood
  • Variant Cover: Yasmine Putri
  • THE STAR-CROSSED LOVER! DARTH VADER, a name that strikes fear in the hearts of countless across the galaxy…but there is one lonely heart that beats just for him. What is it like to be in love with LORD VADER? And what fate will befall one who is infatuated with the tall, dark mystery behind the mask?

Vader: Dark Visions #3 will be available at your local comic book store on April 24th, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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