Star Wars Live-Action TV Show Gets Official Title & Story Details

Jon Favreau reveals the title and synopsis for his Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian. Despite the disappointing box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Star Wars franchise has seen massive success over the last four years. After dominating theaters and ending Star Wars Rebels, they are finally venturing into new territory. Thanks to Disney launching a streaming service of its own, the first ever live-action Star Wars TV show will be part of the lineup. It is being written and produced by Iron Man and The Jungle Book director Jon Favreau.

Details on the series have been hard to come by as Lucasfilm has yet to confirm anything. Rumors continued to point to the Mandalorians being at the center of Favreau's focus. But, there was still no signs of any official news about the series, despite set photos indicating filming was about to begin.

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Favreau has now come out and confirmed details about the series on his Instagram. He first confirmed that the series is called The Mandalorian, although it could ultimately be revealed to be Star Wars: The Mandalorian or some variation to include the known IP. He didn't leave Star Wars fans with just the title, though, seeing as he also revealed brief story details for the series.

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Following all the secrecy that has surrounded The Mandalorian, it is nice to finally have some official confirmation for what the series is about. Favreau's details confirm the previous rumors about a focus on Mandalore were true. It was the same source of that initial Mandalore rumor that provided another fresh report that Pedro Pascal may be the lead of Favreau's series. If that, too, proves to be true, then Pascal will be the "lone gunfighter" the series follows. Now that Favreau has confirmed these details, casting could be next up.

This update from Favreau will, hopefully, be the beginning of many revelations pertaining to The Mandalorian. Rumors have started to rise about who will direct the series' episodes, with Game of Thrones' Alan Taylor and Star Wars Rebels' Dave Filoni among the contenders. Whoever ends up helming the episodes will do so with substantial budgets, as the show's first season will reportedly cost $100 million to make. Now that we know what part of the galaxy far, far away The Mandalorian will be exploring, all of that money will, hopefully, put to good use.

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The Mandalorian will debut on Disney Play in late 2019.

Source: Jon Favreau

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