Trek Wars Fan Trailer Pits Captain Kirk Against The Death Star

A fan-made trailer has appeared online that brings the worlds of Star Wars and Star Trek together in one glorious intergalactic battle. As arguably the two premier juggernauts of the science-fiction genre, there is a fairly intense rivalry between fans of Trek and Wars that extends back several decades. Although Star Wars fans may be laughing now thanks to the success of The Force Awakens, Trekkies/Trekkers (let's not get into that now) have also had their victories in this bitter rivalry due to Kirk and co.'s ongoing success both on the big and small screen. Because of this, many would've perhaps thought that both franchises would both continue down their own separate paths and never the twain shall meet.

Of course, many science fiction fans are able to enjoy both Star Trek and Star Wars without picking a side but crossovers between the two universes remain few and far between. With the exception of some small Easter egg-style references (the Millennium Falcon appearing in Star Trek: First Contact, for instance), meetings between the galaxy far, far away and the final frontier have been largely restricted to fan fiction.

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Continuing that tradition is YouTube creator CaptainJZH, who has created a fan trailer mash-up between Star Trek and Star Wars with an entirely original concept and plot behind it. Titled Trek Wars, the clip features footage and music from both franchises edited together to feel like a brand new crossover story. The video description reads:

"The Death Star is on a direct course for Earth, the crew of the Starship Enterprise teams up with the Rebel Alliance to stop it!"

Star Wars vs Star Trek Millennium Falcon and Enterprise in Space

Without a doubt, the trailer is incredibly well put together, with footage from various movies melding seamlessly to tell a short cohesive story. The shot of Kirk's Enterprise appearing to fire on an Imperial Star Destroyer is particularly impressive. The manner in which JZH utilizes the famous scores from Star Trek and Star Wars is also commendable and helps to give a feel-good sense of geeky celebration to the trailer that highlights iconic themes from both franchises.

For many science-fiction aficionados, a story featuring the characters and worlds of both Star Wars and Star Trek is a dream come true and although such comings together remain the product of fan imagination, at least current editing software and video sharing platforms allow these projects to be executed in a convincing and professional way.

With that said, it may take more than a single trailer to break down the barriers of rivalry between fans of the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises. Although many comments left on the video speak positively about the trailer, others seems to find the idea of a crossover highly illogical indeed.

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Star Trek: Discovery returns January 7th.

Source: CaptainJZH (via YouTube)

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