Star Wars Meets Doctor Who, He-Man, & More in Fan Toy Mash-Ups

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Star Wars fans will love the work of Sillof, who has created multiple versions of Star Wars action figures mashed up with other pop culture phenomenons. The concept of a fan mash-up isn't new, of course, and as one of the biggest franchises in the world, Star Wars is often getting mixed and mingled with other fan favorites. From fan videos that give R2-D2 a voice, to Star Wars vs Star Trek trailers, to a Star Wars/Batman V Superman mashup posted by Zack Snyder himself, Star Wars is always getting mixed up with something.

Fans also love to customize and alter action figures, creating new versions of favorite characters and having some fun with reimaginings. Now, pop culture artist Jaime Follis has posted a new set of images to some of his work with the iconic characters of Star Wars, combining the action figures with recognizable costumes and colors from other huge franchises.

The photos, posted to Imgur by Follis (as Sillof), each show a set of action figures re-worked to combine Star Wars with another well-known franchise or cultural concept. Some of the figures are re-worked Star Wars figures, while others are from the other franchise and have been given a Star Wars makeover. The figures are also named with mash-up titles, combining the character names from two series. There are 12 sets in total: Noir Wars (film Noir), World Wars (real-world wars from history), He-Man Wars (He-Man), Samurai Wars, Pirate Wars, Steam Wars (steampunk), Graffiti Wars, Fantasy Wars, Doctor Wars (Doctor Who), Serial Wars, Cyber Wars, and West Wars.

Some of these mash-ups are from specific franchises, like the Doctor Who combination that includes a Darth Dalek (Valek), and R2-D2 as K9. Others are more general references like pirates, westerns, and film noir. All of the figures have been created with an incredible eye for detail, often adding new props, helmets and costumes entirely.

Sillof specializes in this kind of mash-up, so it's not too suprising that they are so well done. On his website, he describes his work as "unique combinations of characters into different eras, genres, and themes. These redesigns are intended to serve as commentaries on the various influences and timeless archetypes of the films," and these latest galleries certainly are unique.

Bad news for any fan who wants to get their hands on these action figures, though - these are one-off pieces specially created by Sillof, and as such are not usually for sale. Fans can always just marvel at the detail involved from afar, of course.

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Source: Sillof (Imgur)

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