Star Wars Timeline Gives Official Titles For Prequel, Original & New Trilogies

Rey and the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Disney and Lucasfilm have unveiled an official Star Wars timeline that finally names each of the three trilogy eras. George Lucas has always claimed he envisioned Star Wars as a trilogy of trilogies, and under Disney, that dream has become a reality.

Where some franchises largely operate in chronological order, Star Wars hops around the timeline with impunity. The timeline has become even more complex in the Disney era, with Lucasfilm releasing spinoff movies like Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story. The books and the comics have taken to publishing official timelines - and at D23, Lucasfilm followed suit.

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Lucasfilm released a timeline that shows all the films and TV shows to date. It breaks the timeline into three eras: the Age of Republic (the Prequels), the Age of Rebellion (the Original Trilogy) and the Age of Resistance (the Sequels). The comics and novels have been following this approach for almost a year now, but D23 has seen Lucasfilm embrace it as a defining part of the Star Wars franchise.


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