Star Wars Audition Tape Hints At Thrawn Coming To Live-Action [Updated]

UPDATE: Adam Templar says on Twitter that the audition tape is merely for a fan film, not a Lucasfilm project.

Star Wars Rebels' Thrawn may make a live-action appearance in an upcoming Star Wars project. Prior to Disney buying Lucasfilm, for several years the company behind the galaxy far, far away continued to create stories. These characters and adventures have since become known as Legends as they looked to narrow what was actually going to be considered canon moving forward. While fans of these properties were disappointed by this decision, the story group at Lucasfilm has continued to reintroduce elements from Legends. One of their biggest examples of this was putting Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels for seasons 3 and 4.

After serving as a major villain over those two seasons, fans of the character have been eager to learn more about him. That has so far come with Timothy Zahn writing new Thrawn books, but the hope has still been that a live-action role could be in the blue-skinned Chriss' future. Thanks to a new audition tape, that may just be happening.

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Omega Underground discovered an audition tape posted by actor Adam Templar that features him (with blue painted skin) auditioning for the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn. There is no indication as to what project this is for and the video itself may not help much either. Screen tests like these rarely use actual dialogue from a project and that looks to be the case here. Thrawn says they are on the hunt for Jedi Master Shakaar, a character not yet established in canon.

If this audition is part of a casting call made by Lucasfilm to find someone to portray Thrawn in a live-action setting, it is an exciting move for them to make. It would mark the first major character (Saw Gerera was a supporting role) to jump from the small screen to the big screen potentially. Lucasfilm's current priority on the movie side of casting is for Star Wars: Episode IX, but an appearance by Thrawn would be very surprising. Thrawn isn't known to still be alive all these years later despite surviving Rebels' finale, so an appearance in the still unconfirmed Obi-Wan: A Star Wars Story could make more sense for the timeline. But, since that movie's status is still unclear it is too early for them to be casting, unless Lucasfilm is just trying to be extra secretive.

The other possibility (and maybe the most likely one) is that Thrawn could be going to Jon Favreau's live-action show. Since Thrawn has been a TV character so far, it's more believable that this is where he'd make a live-action debut if he ever does. Favreau's show also picks up after the events of the original trilogy, which means they'd only have to explain his absence for the last decade or so. Thrawn moving to live-action would undoubtedly be a great direction for the character to go, but whether or not this is actually what Lucasfilm is planning for the future of Star Wars remains to be seen.

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Source: Omega Underground

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