Star Wars' THRAWN Coming To Marvel Comics

He's the villain too good for Star Wars to scrap - and now, THRAWN is coming to Marvel Comics. The announcement came from Lucasfilm directly at San Diego Comic-Con, revealing the cover of the first issue of the series boasting one more menacing look at the blue-skinned, red-eyed Grand Admiral of the Empire. But for the diehard fans who already read through Timothy Zahn's novel Thrawn, it's mainly the artistic reinterpretation you have to look forward to... and not a brand new story starring the fearsome villain.

After being born from nothingness by Zahn in his infamous and aptly-titled "Thrawn Trilogy" of Star Wars novels, Lucasfilm's decision to render the entire Star Wars Extended Universe non-canon hurt Thrawn fans most of all. But modern audiences and readers weren't robbed of the great Imperial antagonist, as the story group at Lucasfilm reintroduced Thrawn into the world of Star Wars Rebels - and called Zahn in to craft the new (old) villain's origin story. An origin story now making the leap from printed page to comic page.

The ongoing Thrawnaissance™ comes as no surprise to the fans in the know, as both Thrawn's original story, and Zahn's most recent Thrawn novel earned accolades. Which means writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic) and artist Luke Ross (Darth Maul) will have a high standard to meet when they launch their THRAWN series at Marvel beginning in February 2018.

The first cover image of the series is also what fans have come to expect, since little more than Thrawn's icy stare is needed to excite existing fans, and attract the attention of casual Star Wars enthusiasts. Even if Houser hadn't already made a name for herself at Marvel, DC, and beyond, the story of an unknown alien plucked from unknown space rising to the heights of the Emperor's regime is a strong enough framework on its own. But having already worked in the galaxy far, far away on the Rogue One comic adaptation, she's an easy choice. And for those already reading Darth Maul's pre-Episode I comic, Luke Ross is a perfect fit.

The panel in which the comic was announced also revealed some impressive cover art for the upcoming Mace Windu comic series, and comments from the writers of the previously announced slate of The Last Jedi tie-in novels. We'll be bringing you some of those comments and images in the coming days.

It still may not be the big screen starring role many feel Thrawn always deserves (it seems the ship has sailed), but Lucasfilm's commitment to keep Thrawn in the public eye is something. Will you be following along as Thrawn rises from obscurity to authority through cunning, deceit, and devious genius?

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THRAWN #1 arrives in February 2018.

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