Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spot Teases Plenty of Action

A new TV spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi highlights the film's action sequences. When the Rian Johnson-written and directed sequel arrives in cinemas, it will pick-up where Star Wars: The Force Awakens left off - in Ahch To while Rey is handing Luke Skywalker his father's lightsaber. But after the poignant moment seeing the last remaining Jedi in exile, one can expect the film will quickly dive into a fast-paced, thrilling ride, not just for the scavenger as she trains with the Jedi master, but for all the other moving pieces of the film, including Finn and Poe.

From what has been seen in the trailers and TV spots for The Last Jedi thus far, it seems like the movie is taking its storytelling style from The Empire Strikes Back, by splitting the heroes and sending them off to their own journeys. And while the focus of the narrative will arguably be on Rey with Luke, the Resistance's best pilot - who is being groomed to be a leader by no less than General Organa - and the former Stormtrooper - who is off with newbie Rose to hunt down codebreaker, DJ - will both have pivotal parts in what ultimately goes down in Episode VIII.


The trio's upcoming adventures in The Last Jedi are highlighted in a freshly released TV spot for the film. The spot opens with Finn, wearing his now Resistance jacket, aboard the Millennium Falcon, telling someone "May the Force be with you." While it isn't shown who he is speaking to, it's possible that it could be Chewie, as he is shown piloting the Corellian light freighter (with a Porg) presumably before the big battle in Crait. It then cuts to Poe on his ship, with BB8, blowing away First Order ships in an intense space battle, until it cuts to Rey igniting her lightsaber as she trains in Ahch To. The spot ends with the much-anticipated head-to-head battle between Finn and his old Chrome Trooper boss, Captain Phasma. Check out the full spot above.

The above Rey, Poe and Finn-centric TV spot arrives on the heels of Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy's recent comments implying that the trio will continue their Star Wars adventures past Star Wars IX and onto the next 10 years, which is currently being mapped out by the studio. Their journeys down the line, however, are presumably going to be separate from the new trilogy that Johnson is simultaneously working on, given that it is supposedly going to be set at a time and place that no movie from the franchise has yet to delve into.

Before fans start looking toward the distant future though, they should first concern themselves with what comes next. as it will arguably be a huge indication as to where fans will find these new heroes in Episode IX and even beyond that. With Star Wars: The Last Jedi just five weeks away from debuting, expect more nuggets of information and other promotional materials to be released by Lucasfilm as they try to keep the hype train running until the movie finally arrives in theaters.


Source: Lucasfilm


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